Why is there a shortage of eggs and not chicken meat in Colorado?

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If you haven't noticed the egg shortage in Colorado, you must be one of the lucky people with chickens in your backyard.

One of our readers asked a good question about it:

The question people should be asking is “why is there a shortage in eggs and not chicken meat?” asked NewsBreak reader, kimmy.
How can we still get chicken wings when we can't get eggs.Photo byRitaE

It's a fair enough question.

Chickens make eggs, so there should be a chicken shortage too, right?

It's not quite that simple.

There's actually a rise in poultry production

According to USDA poultry production, as well as pork and turkey, increased in 2022.

Although the price went up.

"2022 inflation for dairy, poultry, and eggs exceeded that for 2022 food in general." --USDA
Egg and meat production are a little different.Photo byDetmold

How did it rise? What about avian flu?

Egg production was hugely impacted by avian flu (HPAI), but meat not as much.

Poultry farming isn't all the same. Some farms produce eggs, others grow chickens for meat.

“I can’t thank the entire poultry community enough for coming together. The producers are working with the situation to keep their flocks safe and healthy, said Jim Chakeres, Ohio Poultry Association executive vice president.
Two types of poultry farms.Photo bymanfredrichter

Chicken producers around the country, managed to protect stock and increase production during a difficult year.

“It was a true team effort and communication was a key between farms and to share information just as soon as we possibly could to help prevent any spread of the disease. And it’s still out there. HPAI is in the wild birds. It’s at the highest levels we have ever seen it." --Chakeres

Price of chicken still might rise

The risk of HPAI is not over and due to other rising costs such as feed and labor, prices of chicken at the supermarket could still rise in 2023.

“It is an ongoing perfect storm because, not only are we dealing with avian influenza that is disrupting supply and demand, but we also have higher input costs,” he said.

Your thoughts?

  • Have you been affected by the egg shortage or high food prices?
  • What do you think will happen with food this year?
  • How are you preparing for it?

Let us know in the comments and share this story so others can join the conversation.

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