Gov. Polis plans for Colorado include "Support for Migrants". What will that mean?

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In his State of the State speech today, Gov. Polis talked about his plans for immigration and the treatment of migrants.

"We're doing our part to support migrants..." he said.
1,900 migrants given one-way bus tickets.Photo byBy arinahabich

He didn't discuss the exact policies, but said they are working with partners in the community:

"making sure that everyone who comes through and to our state are treated in the most humane way possible."

Denver spends half a million on migrants

One show of support for migrants has been with bus tickets.

Last month, Denver spent nearly a half-million dollars on bus tickets, according to the Colorado Sun.

One-way Greyhound bus tickets were bought so that migrants arriving in Denver after crossing the U.S. southern border could travel to other cities.

The spending does not include tickets purchased by the city so far in January, or spending by the state, which paid for chartered buses for four or five days this month to send groups of migrants to other destinations, mainly New York City and Chicago. --the Colorado Sun

1,900 migrants received tickets and mostly traveled to New York, Illinois, Florida, Georgia and Texas.

Were they sent away?

Mikayla Ortega, a spokeswoman for Denver’s Office of Emergency Management said she didn't want people to think the migrants had been sent away from Colorado.

“I want to ensure that it’s doubly clear that each of these passengers have asked for assistance to get transportation to these destinations and we facilitated their trips by purchasing tickets,” she said.

New York Major Eric Adams isn't happy about it.

“We’ve done our job. There is no more room at the inn,”  Adams said during an interview with radio station WABC.

What are your thoughts?

Should we support more migrants?

What do you think of spending money on bus tickets?

Should we stop sending people away?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments and share this story so others can join the conversation.

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