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Phoenix Times to See Best "Blood Moon" Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday

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Phoenix residents will want to rise early for stunning Super Moon event.
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Early on Wednesday morning, a huge "Super Flower" moon, named after the many flowers in bloom this time of year, will rise high in the southwestern sky of Phoenix, Arizona.

We will then be treated to a rare event. May 2021 not only brings us a Super Moon, it will also be a Blood Moon and full lunar eclipse.

Only those of us on the West Coast will be able to see the full eclipse this time. This is because it will turn fully red just as it's setting in the US skies. It will also be visible in New Zealand, Australia, and parts of western South America, and South-East Asia.

"Though it will still be possible to see at least some of the early stages of this five-act total lunar eclipse from everywhere in the U.S." says Forbes.  

What does it mean?

1. Super Moons occur when the moon is closest to the earth at the same time that it's a full moon. Because of this it appears larger.

According to Wales Online this will be the closest full supermoon of the year: 98 miles closer to earth than April's moon.

2. Blood Moons are when the moon appears to have a red tint. It happens when the moon moves into the earth's shadow during a lunar eclipse.

"...the only light that reaches the Moon's surface is from the edges of the Earth's atmosphere." says NASA. "The air molecules from Earth's atmosphere scatter out most of the blue light. The remaining light reflects onto the Moon's surface with a red glow, making the Moon appear red in the night sky."

3. Lunar Eclipse happen when the moon, earth and sun line up. The earth blocks light from the sun and casts a shadow on the moon.

Unlike a solar eclipse, which damages your eyes, lunar eclispes are perfectly safe to view without special equipment.

The moon will be low on the horizon, to the southwest in Phoenix, so pick a spot with good visibility.The view will be best away from city lights with as little light pollution as possible.
Phases of a Lunar EclipseWikimedia commons

The best viewing times for Phoenix residents is 4:11-4:25 a.m. on Wednesday, May 26.

Lunar eclipses actually occur in five phases. If you want to see the entire eclipse, it starts in Phoenix sky's at 1:47am and finishes at 5:29am according to

Weather is looking mostly sunny for Phoenix on Wednesday, so set your alarm on Tuesday night and cross your fingers for clear night skies and a beautiful view!

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