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Boston designer says this is the hottest "slow fashion" trend of 2021.

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Sustainable fashion for Earth Day

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Stefanie Mnayarji, CEO of Luxxie Boston, proudly celebrates Earth Day this year with a commitment to sustainable fashion.

Her line of lingerie was officially launched on Kickstarter in 2014 when Boston, Massachusetts based trendsetter, Mnayarji became frustrated with the lack of options for women's lingerie.

"I was appalled by the lack of options for foundation wear for women who wanted a solution that was functional, comfortable and sexy," says Mnayarji.  "Why do I have to compromise one of the three?"

She didn't want to be squeezed into polyester shapewear, and decided there needed to be a better alternative for women and for the environment.  

Making Sustainable Choices

An advocate for fashion that lasts, one of the sustainable choices Mnayarji has made is to use organic silk instead of polyester fabrics.

“Every time you wash [polyester], it's flushing microplastics into our oceans and literally suffocating it. That was just something that I was not interested in doing at all, knowing that information," says Mnayarji.

She also warns against the common "greenwashing" some companies do to make their products sound more environmentally friendly. "Even if you're making something out of recycled plastic bottles, that does sound admirable, but you're still flushing microplastics into the ocean every time you wash it, and that's something that we can never clean up."

Photo credit: Luxxie Boston, Instagram @luxxieboston

Mnayarji avoids plastic where she can, ensuring all packaging is from recycled paper and cardboard boxes.

And don't worry! All of Luxxie Boston's silk is still machine washable. Drycleaning contributes to the fashion industry's large environmental impact and Mnayarji wants her lingerie to have the least negative impact possible.

Not Compromising on Comfort

While sustainable fashion is a high priority for Mnayarji, comfort was something she would never compromise on either.

" was important for me to get a comfortable fit as well. Comfort is so important," she told Forbes. "For all of human existence, women have compromised comfort to look good. It's time that we change that; this is absolutely ridiculous."

Never settle for discomfort. I always said this is a distraction—imagine what we could do if we weren't thinking about what's pinching us and pulling us and squeezing us in different directions.-- Stefanie Mnayarji, Forbes

Photo: Instagram@luxxieboston

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