Busy Plastic Surgeon says nose jobs are on the rise in California

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All those hours of Zoom calls take a toll


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Dr Jacob Sedgh's says the pandemic bought a new surge of California residents to his office, including many who have never had plastic surgery before.

“People have more time on their hands. They’re spending more time in front of the mirror or on themselves, so they’re becoming more critical,” he told The Guardian.

We all know the long periods of lockdown in our apartments hasn't been great for our mental health. It seems it also wasn't good for our body image.

The extra hours staring at ourselves in Zoom calls and taking selfies have combined with the pressure to emerge from lockdown better than ever. Expectations are high to get fit or start a side hustle. Should we be adding get a nose job to that list? Some California residents think so.

"Yes i did use the pandemic to get a nose job and move to california" --@xoskyehigh

According to a Rhinoplasty Market Analysis it's not just cosmetic surgery clinics in California. Clinics worldwide are witnessing a rise in the number of people opting for cosmetic surgeries such as rhinoplasty.

What's driving this increase?

The report says key factors include an increased awareness around physical appearance and a rising disposable income. The forced isolation is also a contributing factor for some.

They can recover at home and have the option of wearing a mask while going outside. --Market Anaylsis Report

It makes sense, but is it positive?

The rise has been a consistent trend since 2018, and boosted by the pandemic in 2020. But along with this rise, there has also been an increasing rate of rhinoplasty surgery failures. When a nose job fails, patients are required to go through a second surgery.

"About 94.0% of the surgeons performed a revision rhinoplasty in 2018, according to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery." says the Market Analysis Report, published Jan 2021.

Going for a long walk, getting some fresh air and perspective--away from the cameras--could a better option for self-improvement after all.

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