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Carlsbad fashion trend-setter leads the way in 2021, making luxury clothing an ethical choice

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If you haven't heard, pre-owned is the new fashion-forward trend for 2021. But that doesn't mean you need to miss out on luxury items you love!

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Leading the way in the secondhand fashion trend is Calsbad based, Sarah Davis. Sarah is the founder and president of Fashionphile, the very first ultra-luxury re-commerce brand buying and reselling designer accessories from Louis Vuitton handbags to chanel jewellery.

They are one of many businesses in the fashion industry encouraging us to not only rethink our buying habits, but redefine fashion altogether.

“Consumer interest in secondhand fashion has only grown amidst the pandemic. In May, our orders increased by 119 percent and in June they increased further to 144 percent, compared to the year prior,” Fanny Moizant, president and co-founder of Vestiaire Collective told Refinery29.

Davis started the company on ebay as a side-hustle while she studied law. She then partnered up with Neiman Marcus to bring her sustainable fashion to an even wider audience, although the majority of sales are still made through the Fashionphile online store with their headquaters in Carlsbad, California.

Image Facebook, Sarah Davis, Carlsbad based fashion leader

From April 3 2020, in response to pandemic life, Davis launched a brand new service: Virtual Appointments, for customers stuck at home with a luxury item to sell. For people who can't come to the Carlsbad based store or other physical stores, the online option is perfect.

‘The second-hand market isn’t going anywhere’--Sarah Davis, on Glossy podcast

WIth Gen Z's increased interest in environmental issues, the second-hand market should only increase and the rest of us need to get onboard this growing trend.

Fast fashion and the rapid consumer mindset of the fashion industry makes a devestating impact environmentally and socially.

A report made in 2020 on the environmental price of fast fashion summarized, "Fast fashion has increased the material throughput in the system. Fashion brands are now producing almost twice the amount of clothing today compared with before the year 2000."

An increase in material equals an increase in toxic waste, water and energy use, and clothing ending up in our landfills.

"Many chemicals used in textile manufacturing are harmful for the environment, factory workers and consumers." --The Environmental Price of Fast Fashion.

With more US entrepenuers like Davis getting onboard the reselling trend in Carlsbad and wider, fashion can be more sustainable heading into 2021.

Many fashion influencers are taking up the challenge too. California based influencer, Kara, is one of those leading the way in ethical fashion, or "slow fashion" as she calls it in her Instagram bio.

“Shopping secondhand is wonderful and financially probably more responsible for most of us. It also allows me to save for high quality, ethical and season-less items that I know I won’t give up on,” she says.

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