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A Camping Trip At Ogemaw County's Rifle River

Keara Lou

Grousehaven Lake at Rifle River CampgroundPhoto by Keara Lou

We're at the tail end of the pandemic, and sometimes it's hard to figure out what we can and can't do without a mask or social distancing. The pandemic confused us about whether or not campsites were open for the summer, for they opened late last year.

Last week, my mom went camping at one of her favorite campsites, so we knew campsites opened on time this year, so my partner and I loaded up the kids and went to Rifle River for a night.

Rifle River is bigger than it looks

The Rifle River campground sits outside of Lupton. It's over 4,000 acres of campground, rivers, and lakes! You can pick between rustic campgrounds or modern campgrounds with plugins for your RVs. There are trails all over the site so that you can experience nature. You can also bike around the campgrounds!

On a trail at Rifle River CampgroundPhoto by Keara Lou

There are two lakes on the campground: Grousehaven and Devoe Lake. We got a modern campsite near Grousehaven lake and took our kayaks around the lake. The water was so warm and turquoise; I thought I was in the Caribbean.

We went out again at sunset, and I got a fantastic shot of the water that night.

Grousehaven Lake at sunsetPhoto by Keara Lou

Beaches, kayaking, and trails make this campground a fantastic place to reconnect with nature

I didn't get into camping until my thirties. Of all the campgrounds I've been to, Rifle River Campground is one of my favorites. It's on my Top Three for sure.

This year is an adjustment compared to being stuck in lockdown last year. It's overwhelming to go from being quarantined to readjusting to nature. Going to a campground and reconnecting with nature is a fantastic first step to getting used to being in society again. You won't need a mask to go outside, and being outdoors will boost your mood instantly.

On the trails of Rifle River CampgroundPhoto by Keara Lou

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