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What The Bond Approval Means For Beaverton Schools

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On Tuesday, Beaverton voters went to the Beaverton Activity Center and cast their votes for extra funding for the Beaverton Schools. Voters approved the $12 million bond to make improvements in the school district.

The Step Up To Catch Up Program was put in place to help the Beaverton School district catch up with the rest of the school districts in the area. According to the Midland Daily News, the Beaverton School District collected the smallest amount of local taxes compared to other school districts in the area.

Unofficially, 55% of voters approved of the $12 million bond. 45% of voters voted no because of concerns about raising taxes on the city.

What the bond approval means for Beaverton Schools

According to the Step Up to Catch Up website, the school district is in a significant need of updating. Many of the facilities on campus are outdated. Its goal is to update facilities for safety and security. It also plans to update technology to boost academic opportunity

Here are some of the things that the bond will be doing for the school district.

  • Upgrade HVAC systems in a post-COVID school district.
  • Improve outdoor athletic facilities.
  • Overhauling campus IT and wireless networking.
  • Renovate and updating classrooms, libraries, and more.

None of the money will increase staff salaries or give them more benefits to keep working in the school district. It's solely for updating facilities and renovating various rooms around the school.

Anyone curious about what's included in the bond proposal can look at the list.

The bond isn't asking for $12 million now

Instead of getting all of the money at once, the plan is to generate $12 million in 22 years. The reason for such a long period is because of the pandemic and the flooding last spring. It's hard to say how either will affect property values in the district.

What about taxes? How much will they increase?

Taxes will indeed be going up to raise the revenue for the bond, but it's not as much as people think it's going to be. According to the Facebook page, a homeowner whose home is worth $100,000 will see a less than $10 increase in their taxes. The less the property value, the less of an increase a homeowner will see in their taxes.

Final Thought

No matter where they come from and their school district, every student deserves an equal opportunity for a good education. The approval of the bond will help students catch up with other school districts and have equal access to the tools to help them succeed in school.

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