Michigan's Vaccination Plan Is Giving Hope To An End To The Pandemic

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It's been thirteen months since Michigan went in quarantine to "flatten the curve." In that time, we had waves of contradicting information thrown at us, loads of anti-lockdown protests, and the FBI stopping a group of domestic terrorists from kidnapping Governor Whitmer.

With a COVID surge in the winter and vaccine hesitancy after the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, it started to feel like this pandemic would never end. And then Governor Whitmer unveiled a plan for Michigan's end game on Thursday. Optimists across the state saw a new sense of hope for life returning to normal. And all we have to do is get vaccinated.

What are Michigan's COVID-19 stats as of now?

As of April 29, 37% of Michigan is fully vaccinated. 40% of all females in the state are vaccinated, and 33% of all males are vaccinated. Almost half of the state had its first dose. Anyone sixteen and older can get a COVID-19 vaccine.

As of now, the state has a surplus of vaccines. Many clinics are making their clinics on a walk-in basis. Some people skipped the second dose of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine altogether.

Here is the four-step plan, according to the Detroit Free Press.

55% vaccinated

  • The state will lift its work from home mandates.

60% vaccinated

  • Restaurants and bars won't need to worry about a curfew anymore.
  • Gyms can operate at 50% capacity.
  • Sporting events, banquet halls, conference centers, and more will see increased capacity rates indoors.

65% vaccinated

  • No more indoor capacity limits.
  • Social gathering limits get relaxed.

70% vaccinated

  • Masks will finally disappear.
  • Gathering orders disappear too.

When do these new rules come into effect?

Remember, it takes two weeks after the first dose for the vaccines to take effect. A patient isn't considered fully vaccinated until two weeks after the second dose. These steps will happen two weeks after the first dose. Now, it's more important than ever that as many of us get the vaccine as possible.

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