Michigan Was Full Of Events Celebrating 4/20

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Statewide, Michiganders are lighting up to celebrate 4/20. This year is the third year Michiganders didn't have to hide their celebrations through Facebook memes at home. And people across the nation came together in person and virtually to celebrate the occasion.

In November 2018, Michigan passed Proposal One, making it the 10th state to legalize recreational marijuana. It's up to the counties whether or not they let dispenseries in their area. Anyone 21 and older can have up to 2.5 ounces on themselves in person and 10 ounces locked up in their homes. However, you can still get fired for marijuana if your employer does a random drug test. People can also have up to 12 plants in their homes.

Cannabis enthusiasts across the state celebrated in their own ways. Whether they bought extra items from their local dispenseries or enjoyed with a friend, every enthusiast appreciated the holiday. Here are some ways people across the state enjoyed their 420.

One dispensery gave away giant joints

Dispenseries across the state held special one-day sales to promote their businesses. One dispensery in Hazel Park got creative and offered their customers a chance to enter a raffle for a giant joint. Thirty people will win these joints. On April 21st, the company will contact anyone who won the raffle!

High Times Cannabis Cup asked users to pick winners for the first time

According to the Detroit Free Press, the High Times Cannabis Cup wants people to pick their favorite brands and stores. Users can pay to have products sent to them, and the users can make comments and vote for their favorite products. This is the first time the event is doing this.

One site held lots of virtual events

The Michigan Cannabis Trail hosted many virtual events for anyone not wanting to go outside during the pandemic. There are comedy sessions and a special appearance from Snoop Dogg! You could find Jazz performances too!

There were also new brews to try

Not everyone is interested in smoking. Some people prefer edibles and brewing. As of now, The Michigan Cannabis Trail states marijuana can't be used in alcohol products. However, there are some brews out there that can match the smell and taste of marijuana easily.

mLive has a list of dank beers for any enthusiast to try. To reiterate, none of these drinks have THC or CBD in them, but the plants they come from are related to cannibas.

There was a lot to do in Michigan to celebrate the holiday

If you missed some of these events, don't worry! The Michigan Cannabis Trail offers a virtual mixer every Wednesday for enthusiasts to meet with one another. The site also sends information for upcoming news and events surrounding anything cannabis.

Remember, recreational marijuana use is legal in Michigan now, but it doesn't mean you can't get fired from your job for using. Landlords can also break your lease if you're caught using it without their permission. If you celebrate, please celebrate responsibly.

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