Festivals Are Coming Back To Northern Michigan!

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Little by little, we're seeing signs of life coming back to Michigan. Road construction is coming back to the state, more vaccines are getting distributed every week, and festivals are starting to announce their dates.

Summer in Northern Michigan is one of the most exciting times of the year. Everywhere you go, you can find a new festival for the seasons. Anything from morel mushrooms, bluegill fish, lilacs, and cherries get celebrated in various cities.

Last year, the pandemic canceled many of these famous festivals. This year, festival committees started announcing they're coming back, but they'll be scaled down. It'll be a mixture of virtual and in-person activities for the various places.

Are you interested in seeing one of Michigan's famous festivals in the spring and summer? Here are three that confirmed they would be happening this year!

National Morel Mushroom Festival: Boyne City, MI

The arrival of spring means morel mushrooms are coming back. Morel enthusiasts have secret spots around the state for mushroom hunting, and they're not going to tell you where they are. Some of us enjoy the sport, and others see morels as good eating.

Every year, on the weekend after Mother's Day, Boyne City has the National Morel Mushroom Festival. This year will be the 61st year! Some of the events won't happen this year because of the pandemic, but you can still find some great outdoor activities and fantastic food on their website! The whole city will have lots of morel-themed dishes in their restaurants!

To find out more information about the National Morel Mushroom Festival, click on the Mushroom Festival website for more details.

St. Helen Bluegill Festival: St. Helen, MI

St. Helen is known for being the hometown of the late Charlton Heston. It's also hosted the Bluegill Festival for over 70 years! Like the National Morel Mushroom Festival, it looks like the St. Helen Bluegill Festival will have some changes.

The Bluegill Festival is one of the events affected by the recent closing of Schmidt Amusements. However, they found a replacement quickly. St. Helen residents spend the year fundraising for this exciting event!

The St. Helen Bluegill Festival will happen from June 10th to June 12th. To find out more information on this event, check out its Facebook page!

The National Cherry Festival: Traverse City, MI

The National Cherry Festival is one of the largest Festivals in Northern Michigan! Traverse City is the Cherry Capital of the World, and folks from all over come to celebrate the cherry harvest. The festival is usually around the Fourth of July. This year is no different! It starts on July 3rd and ends on July 10th.

As with the other festivals listed here, the National Cherry Festival will scale back some of the events this year. It also looks like some of the events can happen virtually. You can look on their FAQ page to see what events are happening this year, as well as what safety precautions they're taking to make this event happen.

To get more information or learn about this history of the National Cherry Festival, you can go to their website! You can buy tickets there too!

Life is slowly returning to normal in Michigan

Yes, these festivals are scaled-down compared to what we're used to seeing. Yes, there will be more safety precautions than usual. But the fact these events are happening is a sign that life is starting to come back to normal in Michigan, even if it is a slower process.

It's encouraging to see these Festivals choosing to open this year. It's showing hope this pandemic will end. Some events in each festival aren't happening now, but there's hope they'll happen again in 2022!

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