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It's a beautiful Easter day. For once, the weather is warm, which makes any Michigander hopeful for a longer Spring this year. After being cooped up in the house for a little more than a year, it would be nice to have a warm spring to walk out to.

It's also the last day of Spring Break before the kids go back to school. The fresh air felt nice, and the stepdaughter sometimes brings one of the cats outside.

A year ago, she got the idea to try to walk the cat like a dog. It had mixed results, but it was still fun trying to take the cat outside to walk. If nothing else, we made for some good entertainment that year. I had a lot of fun watching her try to get the cat used to a harness.

The cat wants to go outside

In the house, we have three cats: Zoey, Tigger, and FeeFee. Tigger is the oldest and has ben around the longest. Zoey is the cat I brought home from China. And then there's FeeFee. She and Zoey didn't get along right away. Sometimes we'd joke about letting FeeFee outside because of the fighting. We stopped making the jokes when we saw how upset the stepdaughter got.

Of the three cats, FeeFee is the only one who tries to go outside all the time. At the old house, it wouldn’t be too bad because they were in the middle of nowhere. Now, we’re in the middle of town. The chances of her getting hit by a car are higher than at the old house. We’re a block away from the main road.

FeeFee acts like she’d be a lot happier outside. My stepdaughter technically rescued her from their old neighbors. We think someone was mean to FeeFee. My fiance said a couple times he thinks a neighborhood kid is the reason she couldn’t meow for the first few months my stepdaughter took her in.

Now, she meows every time she wants to go to my stepdaughter’s room. It’s so loud I would’ve never thought she had problems meowing.

Walking FeeFee

One day, my stepdaughter went to a pet shop and bought a harness for FeeFee. We told her a couple of times we expected the cat to try to get out once it gets warmer. My stepdaughter’s solution was to buy a harness and get a leash from one of her friends. Some days, when she got bored, my stepdaughter would harness FeeFee and take her for a walk. One day, she invited me to go with her. I had to see if FeeFee really liked walking.

So we went outside. At first, FeeFee was more interested in rolling around in the dirt than walking around. After she moved around for a bit, my stepdaughter tugged on the leash, and the cat started walking.

I didn’t know FeeFee was afraid of cars until the walk. Every time the cat heard a car, my stepdaughter had to grab her to make sure she didn’t run away.

Dogs were another thing we had to keep the cat away from. If FeeFee smelled or heard a dog, my stepdaughter scooped up her cat and kept walking. She wouldn’t put the cat down until she squirmed out of her hands. Then she’d walk as nothing happened.

As we walked, I expected us to be the only people in the neighborhood. I thought people would be cooped inside or doing work. It turns out there were more people outside than I thought.

Now, there were people outside, but we all kept our distance. If someone was walking when they saw us, they crossed the street. People took their families on walks. And others did yard work or sat outside to get some sun. No matter who was out or what they did, they all stopped and watched us in amusement as we walked the cat.

The takeaway

On a beautiful day like that one, it’s the perfect time to try new things. That day, we took one of the cats out for a walk. Maybe we’ll try another cat on another day.

For the days we can get the kids off the screens, why not do something weird? I would’ve never thought I’d enjoy walking a cat as much as I did, but I’ll be joining my stepdaughter again the next time she wants to take FeeFee for a walk. One of these days, I’ll make Zoey go on a walk, too.

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