Time To Delete Social Media From Your Phone

Keara Lou
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For years, I avoided smartphones when they first came out. I watched people get a new smartphone, and they kept their faces on their screens for the rest of their days. I didn’t want it to happen to me either.

By the time I finally broke down and bought a new smartphone, it was 2016. I was going on my third year in Beijing. Going that far without a smartphone, in Beijing, is a feat in itself. Beijing culture revolves around smartphones, and it’s hard to go without one.

Fast forward to 2020, and I’m doing the thing I feared the most. Instead of being productive, I’m spending all day staring into my phone. And worst of all, I only go through social media.

I go through Facebook until I’m bored. Then, I move on to Twitter. When that gets boring, I scroll through pictures on Instagram. I can’t stop, no matter how hard I try.

Being in quarantine doesn’t help either. Instead of writing, I’m scrolling through my phone. All of the time, I could be using writing new articles and building my writing career, I’m scrolling through social media. And my posts affect my relationships at home.

And then I saw an article about deleting social media from her phone. As I read the article, I found myself agreeing with it. Maybe it’s time I deleted social media from my phone too.

It should’ve been done months ago, but it’s time to delete social media apps off my phone. I can’t think of a reason to not get rid of all the social media on my phone.

Productivity will go way up

The longer we stay in quarantine, the more I spend my days laying in bed, scrolling through my phone. It started with the occasional meme on Facebook, and it spiraled out of control.

Sometimes, I try something different and download a game. It’s usually some version of Candy Crush. Unfortunately, I get so hooked on the game I start hiding from people when I play it. It looks like I’m hiding something when I play.

Deleting the games helped me write more. Deleting social media from my phone can keep the ideas flowing.

It takes away one of the worst distractions in my life so I can do what I need to do to get through quarantine.

Relationships will get better

Lately, it feels like everyone’s against one another. The smallest disagreements can ignite some of the biggest arguments with the people closest to me.

All it takes is one post, one like, or one video, and we’re arguing with one another. And the arguments get heated. Feelings get hurt, and close relationships get so damaged they don’t look like they can get fixed.

Social media feels like walking on eggshells in these times. Not everyone on your Facebook friend’s list is a true friend. You post something they disagree with, and they take that opportunity to start a fight with you.

It’s one thing if it’s someone you hardly talk to. But when it’s someone close to you, it hurts. Getting rid of social media can give you time to fix the damage done from too much posting.

We all miss the days where we could post funny pictures on social media again without someone starting a fight. Maybe we can go back to those days, but for now, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon. No one’s going to judge you if you need to take a break.

Mental health will improve

This past year left most of us exhausted. Watching everything happen and the way people react to it drains us every time we turn on Twitter. It’s like a train wreck. As much as I want to get rid of it, I can’t look away.

On down days, it feels like I can’t function. I try to do anything other than basic human needs, and my mind goes blank. It turns into more doom-scrolling. I can’t concentrate.

Without social media, I can stop scrolling through pointless posts and start focusing on what needs to get done in my life. Whether it’s creating more articles, helping friends and relatives, or getting chores around the house done. I’ll have the energy to do it all once I delete social media.

Bye, social media! I’m not interested in bringing you back any time soon

I don’t know about you, but I’m long overdue for a break from social media. It’s going to be challenging, but it’s what I need to do if I ever want to get back to being a functioning human being.

My phone took way too much of my time. I can’t get that back, but I can prevent myself from losing more of my time and myself.

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