Four Reasons to Love Life on Delmarva

Katie Cherrix
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Life on the peninsula isn't everyone's cup of tea. Being separated from the rest of the country by the Chesapeake Bay can be frustrating, especially if you aren't particularly fond of bridges. But flaws aside, there are some pretty wonderful things about living on Delmarva that anyone can learn to appreciate. Here are some things I enjoy about living in this unique area.

It's Peaceful

For the most part, Delmarva is a rural area surrounded by water. While there are lots of small towns and a few bigger cities, the lack of busy interstates and the abundance of natural sites make it easy to find peace and quiet on the peninsula. There are plenty of parks, beaches, and waterways that provide natural escapes and create an aura of peace and well-being for the people who live here.

Natural Beauty is All Around

From the stunning foliage in the Pocomoke forest to the pretty beaches that line the peninsula's perimeter, there is a lot of nature to appreciate here on Delmarva. Most people who live here don't have to visit a park to enjoy nature because it surrounds many of the area's rural homes.

It's Good for Your Health

We may not have a Whole Foods Market on the peninsula, but there are also fewer fast food options in some areas. Many areas on Delmarva do not have access to services like Door Dash, so they have to travel into town to get the things they want and need. This isn't to say everyone here is in perfect health, but it's easier to cook at home than drive twenty minutes both ways for a meal from McDonald's. There are also lots of outdoor activities like camping, hunting, fishing, biking, and swimming that many people prefer over the gym. With so many people having access to their own yards, many people on Delmarva engage in gardening and growing their own food.

Contentment Comes Easily

They say comparison is the thief of joy, but it's easy to be thankful for what you have when you live on Delmarva. You won't see many mansions, $100,000 suits, Lamborghinis, or plastic surgery miracles here. If you have your needs met, good friends, and a family who loves you, it's easy to find contentment when you live on the peninsula.

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