Marrying Your Goddaughter 58 Days After She Turns 18 Does Make You A Sexual Predator

Katherine Grace
2 pictures, both of Michael Haugabook and his bride, 17 years apart
“If he’s a predator, he’s my predator.” Deja Haugabook

The Florida Age of Consent is 18 years old.
screenshot of marriage lic from Google search

Mike Haugabook married his goddaughter 58 days after she turned 18.

Fifty-Eight Days…

What are the odds that he’d had no sexual relations with his victim before her 18th birthday? I’d put those odds at zero.

And if those odds are true, that makes him a child rapist.

But wait, Mike Haugabook isn’t just any old garden variety child predator — this monster is also her godfather!!!
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How has law enforcement not gotten involved?!?

Oh wait, I have a guess about their radio silence — Deja is black.

Not only is Deja a black victim, she comes from a ‘broken’ home, her mother is a drug addict who has spent time in jail and her language is ‘colorful’ to put it mildly.

If Deja was a cute little, petite white woman, like Gabby Petito, from a ‘respectable’ white family well, we all know how much media attention that got.

To remind you, here’s the body cam footage from early August, showing a ‘well spoken’ Gabby Petito clearly in danger of being killed by her partner:

The horrifying saga of Gabby being reported missing to being found dead in the desert was heavily covered by news outlets everywhere.

But Deja?

I cannot find one article about Deja in a major news outlet.

Not one.


Well, here’s a video Deja posted recently in response to people being upset she has married her godfather(abuser):

See the difference in the way these two young women present themselves?

Being a black woman, especially if you are poor and undereducated, makes you less believable and less in need of support in our culture.

A report published by Georgetown Law Center found that “adults view Black girls as less innocent and more adult-like than their white peers.” Black girls are perceived to be more independent, more knowledgeable about sex, and in less need of protection. — ACLU

and also…

Embedded… and embraced by the larger culture for more than 500 years, was the belief that Black women’s innate hypersexuality made them “unrapeable” and undeserving of protection or sympathy (Tillet & Quinn, 2007).

“I didn’t have nobody. I ain’t never had nobody…” Deja Haugabook

This is a young woman who perfectly fits the profile that pedophiles look for, she has been groomed by him for so many years that she is currently unable to see the truth of the tragedy that has happened to her.

Deja Haugabook was a child of an addict, living within the trauma and chaos that active drug addiction brings into a home. She did not have a mother she could depend on. In truth, she was the ‘perfect victim’ for Mike Haugabook — a young child needing somebody, anybody to just love her.

Except, the type of ‘love’ he gave her was really abuse…

One day she might be able to face the truth of what she’s lived through.

If that day comes, no one — not a single one of us — has a right to throw her words back at her. This young woman is living through tremendous trauma, utterly brainwashed by her godfather-turned-husband, she needs and deserves nothing less than our compassion and respect. She is a victim — no matter the way she presents herself.

And for the rest of us — the message is clear — we must do better at fighting back against racism.

It’s white supremacy that lets us collectively turn our back on someone like Deja, and it’s past time we change that.

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