"Be careful. They're the same." A guy breaks-up his girlfriend after 3 weeks of dating. Thanks to her father

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"As we experience life, our brain begins to develop a sixth sense. Many times, we choose to ignore what we know to be true. Trusting your "gut" when you see red flags is one of the most important things that you can do for your emotional and physical health." – Aaron Horn LMFT

Red flags in a relationship are indicators of potentially harmful routines or actions on either party. Lust and love, especially at the beginning of a relationship, can cloud one's judgment and make it difficult to recognize warning signs. Some warning signs, including violence and abuse, may be more well-known.

A recent online post brought attention to this problem when it described how a man ended a 3-week long relationship with a girl because of some straightforward advise given to him by the girl's father.

This guy starts off by claiming that his new girlfriend invited him to a dinner with her parents, and he accepted the invitation. Because he was interested in her on a serious level, he considers it OK for him to get to know her family.

When he met the family, he observed that the girl's father was unusually silent. It was as if he were a ghost or a statue. When he first introduced himself, that was the only time he heard his voice, and it was barely audible beyond a whisper. On the other hand, her mother had a loud voice. Her laugh could make the whole house shake, and everything she did and said was so over the top. He felt uncomfortable and tired just by looking at and listening to her.

When they were eating dinner, her girlfriend and her mom were so loud that they would scream and laugh so hard that they would slap the table. But what made him frown was that her mother hit her father every time she laughed. And it wasn't even a friendly hit. It probably counts as a hard slap each and every time. He could also see her dad's face twitch in pain or surprise.

It was hard for him to watch and listen to them, so he went to the bathroom to calm down. When he got out, he saw that his girlfriend's father was waiting for him in the hallway and said:

"Be careful. They're the same. You'll get hurt in more ways than one."

The entire evening went by with no more words coming out of him. It was literally just her mom talking endlessly. Those words stuck to him like glue, and, even now, he hears them loudly in his head. It made him see his girlfriend's red flags so clearly. The way she would casually and painfully hit and slap him while laughing or excited; the way she would always find something to punch or kick or scream at when she's angry; and how she would throw things in frustration or whenever she loses in games like UNO. There was one time when she screamed at his face so loudly that he heard a ringing in his ears. They'd been friends for 7 months or so before they started dating. So he had been seeing her behavior for far longer than 3 weeks.

He broke up with her in person by going to her apartment. He made a list of all the times she hurt him and all the times she almost hurt him. He told her that she might want to talk to someone about her anger problems and how she deals with it. As expected, she began to yell at him, throw things at him (including her phone and a vase), and call him different names. She told him she wished he would die today and that she wished the same thing for his family.

To protect himself from any possible foolishness on her part, he filmed everything on his phone. If she lies about him online or among their mutual friends, he will not hesitate to make that information public. Since he broke up with her, she and her mom have been bombarding his phone with threats, but it's cool. If he needs proof later, he now has more to work with.

I pity her dad, who's been enduring that kind of treatment for decades from her and her mom. I truly hope that he gets out of there someday. I'm glad I was able to get out of there immediately. To all the people suffering from all kinds of abuse, I truly hope that you break free from your abusers. And to you, Mr. Diaz, I owe my future. Thank you for warning me.


We humans thrive when we're able to connect with one another. The mental health benefits of loving and being loved are well-documented. But not all relationships improve our quality of life. Some friendships and romantic partnerships actually do us more harm than good. They make us worse off rather than better.

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