When a woman sleep-talks and exposes a secret to her husband the marriage falls apart.

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Statistics suggest that 80% of men and 65% of women would cheat if they thought they could do it without getting caught.

If your spouse has been or is being unfaithful, would you rather not know it or find out the truth? It's terrible no matter what, but it always seems to happen when you least expect it.

This topic was brought up in a post that was found online, and it was about a husband who unexpectedly discovered his wife's secret that immediately caused for a divorce.

A long time ago, the author met Christina at the restaurant where she worked. Not long after, Christina started dating one of the cooks, Ben. Soft-spoken and gentle, he was one of the nicest guys you'd ever meet. There hasn't been anyone like Christina, who could be boisterous and loud and relished being the focus of attention. Because of their contrasting personalities, no one would have expected them to get along. Eventually, though, Ben proposed to Christina, and she said yes.

They had a huge wedding with all of their friends and family, and they were glowing with joy on their special day. A new normal ensued for them after the wedding. Even though they were still working together, the author saw that as the months passed, Ben became even more reserved and silent than usual, while Christina became more outgoing and flirtatious with the customers.

About a year after their marriage, Ben abruptly resigned his job at the restaurant, and Christina showed up for the last shift he was scheduled to work looking utterly heartbroken.

During a break, the author asked Christina, "What happened?"

Christina then shared with her that she has struggled with sleep-talking for as long as she could remember. Because it was so irritating to her partners and occasionally so humiliating, she had tried to take action in the past to stop it. The sleeping pills and anxiety meds she used before bedtime didn't stop the sleep talking.

“I was talking about Rob in my sleep,” Christina said.

“Rob, Ben’s cousin?” I asked, and she nodded gravely.

“Well, what were you saying?”
“Very inappropriate things,” she admitted.

Christina then revealed that she and Ben's cousin Rob had had an affair soon after the wedding. Christina claimed that she wanted to leave Ben for Rob because the two clicked immediately and that they had more chemistry and passion than she and Ben had ever had.

The author was apparently taken aback, not so much by the fact that Christina had cheated (she had seen that coming from Christina) but by Ben had discovered it. Imagine the horror of lying in bed next to your wife while she describes the sexual encounters she had with your cousin.

Do affairs cause divorce?

Simply put, it's impossible to say. Think carefully about whether or not a divorce is in your best interests if either you or your spouse has been unfaithful. Find a therapist that specializes in couples counseling if there has been infidelity in the marriage and you decide to work through it.

It didn't take long for Ben to file for divorce, and after that Christina immediately moved in with Rob.

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