The grandmother suggested her grandchild be aborted.

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Before the Supreme Court ruling, abortion was probably the most common criminal activity in this country, surpassed only by gambling and narcotics violations (Luker, 1984; Jaffe et al., 1981).

There are several factors to consider while making a choice about an unexpected pregnancy. You are not alone in feeling lost and confused. Though some ladies have no trouble deciding what they want, others may need some time to think it over. It's normal to have a wide range of emotions and thoughts in response to an unexpected pregnancy. The vast majority of women can relate to this.

A recent online post brought attention to this problem when a grandmother suggested her daughter get an abortion.

The author claimed that when she was twelve years old, her parents had Grace, her half sister, and it completely changed the course of her life in ways she had never anticipated.

She had always been an only child, so when her parents unexpectedly began giving their care and devotion to a baby, she must admit, regrettably and embarrassingly, that she felt resentful of it both at the time and occasionally even today.

After Grace was born, she swore she never wanted children of her own. Because she witnessed firsthand what it was like to raise a child in Grace's home, she decided that having children was not something she wanted to do. It wasn't what she expected would bring her joy, and she didn't believe it would satisfy her. However, as it turns out, life goes on, events occur, and individuals develop through time. In spite of the fact that she had always claimed she didn't want children, she knew she couldn't get an abortion when she unexpectedly became pregnant at the age of twenty-three.

She had always assumed that adoption was impossible, given that her biological father had abandoned her.

This led her to the conclusion that she should go ahead with the pregnancy. She had a stable job, was in a relationship (although a new and rocky one), and was confident she could provide for herself and her unborn kid. However, her mother had a different opinion. Her first thought upon hearing the news of her pregnancy was: “It’s okay, we’ll take care of it.”

We’ll take care of it as in, if you need the money and ride I’ll help you get an abortion, because I don’t want you having this baby.

This led to a very heated argument. It wasn't her mother's choice, and it was quite disrespectful and insulting for her to convey that opinion, let alone advise she act on it. Her father disagreed with her mother, causing them to quarrel and not speak for days, and she did not speak to her mother for months while her pregnancy developed. To make matters worst, her grandparents agreed with her mother and agreed that having this baby would ruin her life.

It was hard to be estranged from my mother during my pregnancy, a time when I felt like I needed her support and guidance the most.

Thankfully, her father continued to show his support for her behind her mother's back, and he eventually won her over to the idea of being a grandmother and adding a new member to the family for her to dote on. And the anticipated birth of her child filled him with joy. When she absolutely needed her family, it tore them apart for a while because her mother wanted her to have an abortion. This harmed their relationship for a very long time.


A recent study by UCLA life scientists suggests that women who receive significant social support from their families during pregnancy are shielded from sharp spikes in a particular stress hormone, hence decreasing their risk of experiencing depression after giving birth. Having a low social support system has been linked to an increased risk of postpartum depression, anxiety, and self-harm. Pregnant women's mental health is an important issue that policymakers and those in the maternity care field should think about addressing by creating specialized social support programs.

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