The mother feared burglars had entered their house and almost phoned 911 before realizing it was her son.

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What Is Normal Teen Behavior?

It's not easy to deal with the way teenagers act. No matter how great a parent you are or how great your relationship with your kids is, you will run into parenting barriers when it comes to your teenager. Teenagers have a lot of problems with how they act.

"Is it common for my teenager to act like this?" If you find that you are frequently asking yourself this question, know that you are not alone.

A recent online post brought attention to this problem, detailing a mother's near-panicked decision to call 911 after fearing that their house had been broken into by burglars, only to learn that it had actually been her son.

Apparently, the author keeps company with a woman named Rebecca. It's no secret that Rebecc's fourteen-year-old son has major behavioral issues. He yells and lashes out at his parents and teachers, gets violent with other kids if they upset him, and is an unpredictable threat in general. Troy, Rebecca's son, hit another boy at school recently, and as a result, Rebecca had to take away his phone as a form of discipline.

It should not have come as a surprise that Troy was fuming mad. One day, despite Rebecca's better judgement, she allowed him to get off the school bus by himself while she was working a bit late. Because Troy was known to be nosy and look through his parent's belongings, they did not frequently allow him to stay home alone; nonetheless, Rebecca allowed him to spend time there on his own. She returned to their house to find a nightmare waiting for her there. When she opened the door, it appeared as though burglars had recently been there and ransacked the house.

Pictures on the walls were torn down, and sofa cushions were taken off of their frames. The china cabinet's glass door was shattered, and its contents were scattered across the floor. Things were damaged and everything in the kitchen had been poured out onto the floor.

Her son entered the room just as Rebecca was about to dial 911, and he said:

“I want my phone back.”

When Rebecca realized it was Troy behind everything, she broke down in tears and told him to go to his room, but he ignored her and left the house. Rebecca and her husband lost hundreds of dollars' worth of stuff and had to spend days cleaning up after Troy's crazy outburst.

His therapist was thereafter contacted. Again.


Teenagers are in the midst of a period of rapid emotional and behavioral development. Hormonal and cognitive changes during adolescence make for a common time of irritability, disrespect, and resistance. Teenagers' tempers might flare as they seek more autonomy and individuality at this developmental stage. Despite the fact that difficult behaviors and shifts in mood are a natural part of the adolescent years, it is essential to have an understanding of what is typical and to recognize warning signs.

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