"He told me he was single and pursued me hard." A woman learns that the guy she had a memorable night with is married

Kath Lee
Had a one night stand that was delicious fun and memorable enough that I decided to look the guy up in hopes of round 2. He is most definitely married with three kids. Not hooking up with military men ever again.

Men are more likely to cheat than women. Even though this may not be much comfort to women who have been cheated on, it is important to remember that most men don't cheat with the same goal in mind as women. Cheaters, especially those who do it more than once, tend to be opportunistic and able to separate their feelings. So, why do men who are married cheat? Given that every relationship is unique, as is every guy, it would be impossible to generalize. Some married men may be sexually active because they aren't happy with their lives. But, usually, men don't cheat because they're unhappy. Men cheat because they think they can get away with it and, perhaps more importantly, because they are willing to let themselves get away with it. It's also interesting to note that, strangely, cheating is a behavior that can make it hard to be a good father and husband, but it has nothing to do with family love or care.

This issue was brought to light in a recent post that a woman wrote on the internet, in which she described an unfogettable night she had spent with a man, only to find out afterwards that he was already married.

The author begins her post by mentioning that following a friend's wedding, she had a great hookup with a stranger.

I really enjoyed it

This past weekend, she was the maid of honor in the wedding of her best friend. She recently broke up with her boyfriend and went to the wedding alone, but she was interested in getting back on the proverbial horse if the right situation arose. Unfortunately, there were not many available single men in attendance, but the bar at the wedding's after party was hopping with guests who had not attended the ceremony. A man who is stunningly attractive approached her. She let him buy her a drink and found him interesting enough to keep her attention, so the prospect of getting her proverbial d*ck wet definitely appealed to her. He stood up to the scrutiny of her friends and even won them over. The ladies gave her their unanimous blessing to leave the group and go to town with the stud.

The General Social Survey found that approximately 20% of men admitted to cheating, while only 13% of women did.

Things that happened next in his hotel room were totally cool. With such low standards, she was unprepared for the level of intimacy she shared with a complete stranger for the first time. It was remarkable, to put it mildly, without going into the sleazy, sweaty, hot, and delicious details. He kissed, caressed, and embraced her before leaving for the airport, telling her to sleep in.

This was a soul reviver, y’all.

In the past three years, she has only slept with her ex-partner. After everything that had happened with this guy, she was pretty much blissed out. She had no idea how she had avoided getting his contact information, but she was already planning for a rematch with this man who had clearly left an impression on her. Her abilities as a millennial sleuth came in handy at this point. Because they had disclosed a considerable quantity of personal information to one another, she should have no trouble locating the guy, right? Therefore, she poked the bear, worked her magic and discovered the social media accounts belonging to him.

Oof. Shouldn’t have poked the bear. Clearly pictured- beautiful wife, three small lookalikes, countless chickens, and very clearly, a wedding ring on his left hand that was definitely not present when I met him. Guess that explains why I didn’t get his number.

Although she is completely innocent, she cannot shake the guilt she feels. Too late, he has made his social media accounts private, changed his photos, and changed his username, but she has already uncovered the truth.

He has to be freaking out hard and he should be, the internet provided an extensive amount of his info.

Her friends believe that she ought to forewarn his wife.

I'm horrified that I was involved and that we hit it off so well (also that I enjoyed the encounter very much).

According to the author, if she'd known he was married, she'd have never slept with him. He assured her that he was single and began aggressively pursuing her.

This guy and I really hit it off- not someone for ONS/ I was in a long term relationship for the past few years, I really was just looking for a confidence boost & promise of hope for pursuing guys in the future. Looks like I need to vet better.


A person's love for their relationship doesn't prevent them from cheating. They may do this if they aren't getting their emotional needs fulfilled, if they lack confidence in themselves, if there are significant issues in the elationship or in their lives, or for any number of other reasons. They may choose infidelity since it's less difficult than discussing their feelings.

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