The cousin 'failed' in her attempt to disrupt the wedding.

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There are several reasons why a wedding is so meaningful to the happy couple and their guests. It is common practice for newlyweds to publicly affirm their commitment to one another and the legality of their marriage throughout the ceremony. Most couples use their wedding vows to express their commitment to one another for the rest of their lives.

But what if somebody openly threatens to destroy your special day? Is there anything you could do to put a stop to it, and if so, how?

An internet post that went viral recently highlighted this issue by describing how the bride had outwitted her cousin and prevented her from ruining her wedding.

In her opening paragraph, the author reveals that her husband had an affair with her cousin before she met him eight years ago. They made out at a party, but he wasn't interested in pursuing anything further with her and ultimately told her as much.

The author finally met him a few months later and the two have been together ever since. About a year later, they made it official. After recalling that she had been with him that night, her cousin insisted that she end the relationship immediately because he was so icky.

And honestly I did think it was gross at first but the damage was already done.

She chose him since she was head over heels in love with him.

She was one of my closest friends and while we get along, okay, now we’re not as close as we used to be because she thinks I’m gross.

They got married a few weeks ago. And the months leading to their wedding, her cousin made it clear that she’s gonna wear a red dress. A red dress means that she’s slept with the groom.

The author claims that she initially thought that her cousin was joking but afterwards realized that she was not. Because she didn't want rumors and constant reminders that "she's gross" at her wedding, she begged her cousin not to, but her cousin insisted that it was the truth. Her mother told her that there would be a lot of family trouble if she didn't invite her cousin. A war. So, she simply requested that her three bridesmaids, her two sisters, and her closest friends to wear red.

She requested secrecy so that her cousin wouldn't have time to discover another means to stir up trouble. Around 17 of the girls wore red, and several of their partners did as well. The ladies were gorgeous, and their male counterparts were equally handsome. The revelation that she wasn't the only one wearing red made her cousin furious. She sulked through the entire event and left early.

Today I got an email from my aunt that I’m a bitch for hurting my cousin by first stealing her man and now being petty on my wedding day? I don’t agree. I’m happy nobody ruined my wedding and I’m thankful for my girls who rose up to the occasion. I love you❤️


At a wedding, no one but the bride and groom should be the center of attention.

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