"My mom pushed me away when I tried to hug her." The forgotten child's revenge

Kath Lee
Forgotten children. The child that wasn’t loved by his parents. The child that grew up in a corner. He will be stuck there for decades, even when he becomes an adult, because his childhood was stolen and love denied.

Almost all the time, your child needs your full attention. He needs you to meet all of his basic needs. Parents who give their kids enough attention are good parents, but most parents don't know how much attention they should give their kids. If you always ignore your child, it can have a bad effect on their mind.

A recent online post by someone who revealed and discussed his atypical childhood and his journey to recover and restore his self-respect brought attention to this subject.

The author begins his post by stating that he has always loved his parents as much as any other kid should, maybe even more. They never really gave him any attention and instead just bought him everything he wanted to keep him quiet and happy, which resulted in him becoming a spoilt brat in the long run. They never showed any interest in what he did; in fact, they barely gave him a second glance. Instead, they provided him with only the necessities for him to live and be content enough that he wouldn't bother them. His mother would not even touch him if she wasn't wearing gloves.

He would sometimes try to hug her, but she would always push him away without thinking twice. When he got older, he realized that he hadn't been cared for, and he was very upset about it. They lived in a small town where reputation was everything and everyone knew everyone and everything about them, so he decided to start doing things to make them upset to get their attention. To ruin their reputation.

He gained much more notoriety after being featured in the local newspaper. It didn't bother him that all he ever got was a lecture or a slap on the wrist for his trouble. Attention was being paid to him, and any attention was better than none. He did this for a few years before he eventually understood that no matter what he did, he was never going to win the affection that his brothers had received from their parents. Therefore, he quit and developed into a well-behaved young man. Once again, his parents ignored him and only asked him to make an appearance in public when they needed to seem good in the eyes of others.

He was done with school in just one year, so what did he care? He didn't want to be bad, but he did want the attention it brought. He got a full scholarship to any college he wanted after high school, so he moved out without even saying goodbye to his parents or brothers. He had saved up money from working for a long time, so he could afford a small apartment. He moved across the country and now lives in a big city close to campus. His parents only call him if someone from his extended family wants to see him. Which is rare, but which is always turned down.

His aunts and uncles have been calling and texting him nonstop for the past month to find out where he's been. They got his number from his parents. He hasn't answered them, claimed to have blocked them, or made reasons for not seeing them. To put it bluntly, he doesn't give a damn about them. Since he was rejected by his parents, he never really considered them family. This past weekend, his parents and a handful of his aunts and uncles surprised him by showing up at his door. For a few minutes he glared at his parents with the same frigid stare they'd always given him over the years, but then he beckoned his aunts and uncles inside.

They started asking questions as soon as he placed them down on the couch. He just stood there, silently listening, for a long time. After a while, he gave his best warm, gentle grin and began explaining everything from the very beginning. He told them how his parents had treated him poorly: they wouldn't let him touch them, they never even acted like he was their kid, they showed obvious favoritism toward his brothers, they let him do whatever he wanted (even if it hurt him), they didn't care when he cried or when he broke his arm and it was days before anyone asked about him.

How they never showed him love or affection, only the cold stare he was determined to give them now; how he started behaving himself after his rebellious phase; how he feels like he isn't even related to his family; how he never expected anything more from them than a simple meal and the bare necessities he needed to survive; and how he now feels like he isn't even related to his family.

The looks on his aunts' and uncles' faces went from bewilderment to shock to horror to anger as they confronted his mother and father about their treatment of him. They claimed they had no idea things were so bad or they would have intervened sooner. His mom started crying and apologized profusely, saying she was sorry and hadn't meant any harm. But then she started bawling her eyes out and said that she had never wanted him in the first place and that he was just a mistake for two superficial people who got married. She explained that she didn't really care for my dad and that she only had children with him to present the appearance of a happy family. However, she was quick to point out that this wasn't the case anymore, as if it were the most important thing in the world.

She leaned forward to hug him, and between sobs and sniffles, she almost yelled that she was sorry. He pushed her off of him, got to his feet, and asked them to leave. His father got up and yelled at him about how rude it was to push her off of him like that, but all he did was point to the door and give him that blank look that they used to give him when he was a kid. After that, they all left without saying anything else, and he went to bed and stayed there for the rest of the day. He only got up to go to the bathroom and get something to eat.

I've checked my messages every once in a while and I'm still getting spammed by my whole family. My brothers are trying to call me and leaving me voicemails calling me a spoiled piece of shit with no respect for my mother. Here I am writing this, I hope you enjoy my suffering.


According to childhoodtraumarecovery, ignoring a child is a form of emotional abuse that can have severe, adverse consequences for the child. These consequences may not just cause him/her problems during his/her childhood, but for the rest of his/her life if effective therapy is not undertaken. Whether or not parents should ignore their kids to help them behave better is a controversial topic. Many experts say that ignoring your child on purpose is a good way to teach them right from wrong, but a lot of other experts say that it is not a good way to teach them right from wrong. Some experts say that ignoring your child for a long time can cause problems, especially with their minds. We tell parents to ignore their kids only when all other methods of getting them to behave have failed. Also, don't forget to give your kids rewards when they do good things to boost their self-esteem.

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