"We're family and you should be ashamed for involving courts and lawyers." Husband enraged when asked to sign contract

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Even if both partners are millionaires, making a marriage last can be difficult. When money issues are involved, things can quickly become problematic.

Just ask any happily married couple and they would tell you that love isn't enough to keep the marriage together. Trust, loyalty, respect, and the pursuit of common goals are the bedrock on which a happy marriage can be constructed and maintained. Even though most couples are aware of this intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, many of them disregard it financially.

A recent online post brought attention to this problem when a husband refused to sign a contract before he can pull money out from his wife's bank account.

The author begins her post by stating that she (36 years old) and her husband (42 years old) had been married for two years. She had never been married before him, but her spouse had been married twice and had six children. He suggested that their finances be divided. That's fine with her because watching him waste his money is so frustrating. He claims to have children, obligations, and the need to provide, but the author doubts that children would require that much money to live like other children. Her husband's bank account, she claims, is virtually always empty, although hers has more than $20,000. They take turns paying for daily bills and other necessities.

The husband has been having financial problems lately. The brother of his wife was one of the persons from whom he borrowed money, and he borrowed $4,000 from him just last week.

He just seemed desperate for money. I asked what the deal was and he said that he needed the money for the kids which seemed fishy since kids don't really need that much money for their expenses. the eldest is 16!!!!!.

He requested to borrow $14,000 from the wife. Transfer the funds from her account to his. She attempted to inquire as to why he needed the money, but he stated that it was none of her business. Then he insisted on returning it immediately. She agreed on the condition that he sign a contract promising to repay the money in full.

He acted all shocked and offended and then went on about how she doesn't trust him and his word. She told him that's all she got and that this was her one and only condition. He kept ranting about how she was refusing to help and making the situation more difficult for him instead of co-operating. She insisted on a contract being signed before he even pulled a penny, and when she reminded him of this this morning, he blew up and said:

We're family and that I should be ashamed for involving courts and lawyers between family.

He went outside but was in such a bad mood that he hasn't returned any of her calls since he left the house.

What do you think? Was the wife wrong for standing her ground with this condition?

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