The kids were asking for food from their neighbor: "They come every day." The mother turned out to be cheating.

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Every member of the family feels the effects of mom's infidelity. Moms who cheated were looked down upon and considered social outcasts in earlier decades. Though many more varieties of relationships are tolerated in today's culture, the stigma of cheating remains strong.

The percentage of married women who have had an extramarital affair has climbed by 40% since 1990, while the percentage of males who have done the same has stayed stable.

This issue was highlighted in a recent online post in which the neighbor accidentally uncovered what the mother of two kids (5 y.o boy and 3 y.o girl) was doing when her husband was at work.

The author begins by mentioning that she and her partner have a couple of neighbors, a husband and wife, with whom they regularly play card games. They used to get together for dinners and have lots of fun. They see each other as close companions. Since then, roughly two to three months, she has witnessed their constant bickering over seemingly little matters.

Similarly, their two children began regularly visiting her about lunchtime, at which time she would provide them with a meal. "She's on the computer," they told her when she asked where their mom was. Then, she would cook food for them, and she would text the wife to let her know the kids were at their house. At first, she said she was sorry, saying that she was in the shower or bathroom. At some point, she would simply say okay. Then come later to get them.

The husband arrived home early last week. He noticed the author outside with the children at their home and he asked as to how long they had been there. She informed him that they come every day for lunch and spend couple of hours there. He asked the children where their mother was, and they informed him that she was using the computer. When the wife noticed them talking, she rushed running over. She claimed she requested her to watch the children. When the husband looked at her, she shook her head no. The husband was upset and went to check her wife's computer, where he discovered she was cheating on him.

According to the author, the wife called her an a**hole because she shook her head no, and revealed that the kids come over every day, rather than covering for her. When her boyfriend returned home, she informed him what had happened. He became enraged and stated that she should not have notified the husband and should have left them work out their own problems.

Now the author is feeling bad for what happened.

What do you think? Should the author have just kept it to herself?

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