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A New York City guide to the places where a face mask is still required

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When riding in a cab or a ride-share vehicle in New York City, passengers are still required to wear masks.

On Wednesday, Governor Kathy Hochul announced that masks would no longer be required on New York's public transit systems, reversing one of the last coronavirus-related safety precautions in the state and bringing it in line with the rest of the country, which has also relaxed its masking and vaccination policies. In August, the CDC signaled a shift toward advising people on how to adapt to living with the infection by relaxing its instructions. The guidelines no longer advocate for isolation and isolation from society as a whole. C.D.C. epidemiologist Greta Massetti stated at a news conference last summer that the virus is "here to stay." People are now more protected from fatal diseases thanks to higher immunization and infection rates in the past, she noted. In February, the FDA issued new recommendations that reduced mandatory isolation periods and lifted the mask requirement for nearly 70 percent of the population.

According to data provided by The New York Times, the number of newly reported cases of coronavirus in New York City has dropped by 31% during the past 14 days. Even deaths have been decreasing, down 17 percent in the same time frame. Throughout the state, we can see this downward trend in the 28% decline in new cases and the 34% decline in fatalities. The city's mask requirement for schools and child care centers for young children was lifted in March, by Mayor Eric Adams. The Education Department of the city "highly" urges that masks be worn at all times, even when inside. Masks are still obligatory in several parts of the city. An explanation of the masking laws in New York is provided below.

Do I need a mask to ride the subway or bus, or when I take a taxi or ride-share?

The federal government can no longer mandate the use of face masks on airplanes, trains, and other modes of public transportation thanks to an April 18 court judgment in Florida. The governor of New York declared on September 7 that masks are no longer required on MTA subways and buses in the city. Taxi and limousine services in the city are regulated by the Taxi & Limousine Commission, which still mandates mask use for drivers and passengers. Both Lyft and Uber stated that masks would be optional for drivers and passengers across the country, but that local regulations would take precedence. New Jersey's former governor, Philip D. Murphy, removed the requirement for riders of New Jersey Transit to wear masks. When using inside public transportation, the CDC still advises mask use. Despite the court order, the federal mandate may be appealed.

Do I need a mask at indoor restaurants, gyms or entertainment venues?

Unless the event specifies otherwise, no. Businesses are free to establish their own mask rules, but the city continues to suggest that everyone wear masks in indoor public spaces and very frequented outdoor areas. Mr. Adams did away with the Key to N.Y.C. program, which had previously demanded vaccination cards as entry to indoor restaurants, fitness centers, and theaters. The city's health department, however, has stated that businesses are free to implement their own vaccination policies.

Do I need a mask to see Broadway shows?

While it is not required to wear a mask to see a show on Broadway, some theaters strongly recommend it and some shows are only being performed there if masks are worn. Check the policies of the theater you plan on visiting beforehand, as some Off-Broadway and other smaller theaters still demand masks and some even require patrons to be vaccinated. Until further notice, the Broadway League will continue its mask-optional policy.

Do I need a mask inside schools or other child care settings?

Students and teachers at New York City's public schools are not required to cover their faces while on school property or while using school transportation. Around the same time as Mr. Adams canceled certain coronavirus vaccine mandates, the mask mandate also lapsed. On June 13, Mr. Adams removed the mask requirement for children ages 2 to 4. Each and every person who enters a school building on any given day—students, parents, faculty, and visitors—must fill out a health screening form. A Covid-19 vaccination is required for those who participate in contact sports like football and in extracurricular activities like musical theater.

Do I need a mask in a hospital or nursing home?

All visitors to healthcare facilities, regardless of immunization status, are required to wear protective masks. Institutions like nursing homes and homeless shelters have added mask policies. Healthcare workers in New York City are required to provide vaccination records. The city of Chicago renews its pandemic orders every five days, which include these regulations.

Do I need to wear a mask at work?

If none of the above apply to your workplace, then it's probably up to your employer to decide whether or not you need to wear a mask. Employers in the city have been given the order to check the vaccination status of their employees at the direction of the health commissioner. The directive covers private organizations with two or more employees. In addition to employees, this includes self-employed locals who have clientele and customers. When it expires is up to your company

Source: The New York Times

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