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Kath Lee

If we didn't have social media, how would our daily lives be different? It's natural to wonder how social media influences every aspect of our lives, from our relationships to the fact that we often look at our phones before we fall asleep at night.

It's not as far-fetched as it may seem that people could meet their soul mate online. It's not hard to strike up a discussion with a stranger on social media because to the ease with which you can instantly connect with them, browse their likes and dislikes, and learn which memes they love.

Somebody who met her future husband ronline recently wrote a piece that brought these facts to light.

Author starts her post by saying that she's sharing this because it's such a heartwarming story, and it came from one of the more seedy corners of the internet.

About three years ago, the author was browsing one of the many NSFW subreddits out of boredom and curiosity. Then she stumbled onto a particularly interesting thread. So she decided to send this person a message.

"It wasn’t a particularly x-rated post, and I can’t remember exactly what the post said or what it was that stood out, it just felt familiar and like it was written for me. The person responded within a few minutes."

They kept in constant contact with one another over the following months via daily calls and messages. They became each others person and confided in each other about every aspect of their life. After a period of six months, the author made the decision to relocate to another country in order to be with him. The author pointed out that this was during the peak of the pandemic, which significantly slowed progress and presented new challenges

(mostly with respect to borders being closed and travelling freely between the two countries being restricted).
"I sold my apartment, my car and any belongings that I couldn’t easily take with me."

When he picked her up from the airport, it was the first time they had ever actually physically met, but that wasn't so strange.

It felt like coming home after being separated for some time. We went home, opened a bottle of champagne and cooked dinner together, which would be the first of many.

Time has passed, and here they are, engaged, with the author now 38 weeks pregnant and more in love than ever before.

Sometimes we still laugh about how we met on Reddit and the small chance of us finding each other among the millions of posts here.

Congratulations to both of you. Your story is an inspiration and one proof that love never fails.

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