Wife poured her heart out online about her husband for letting her down on one of the most important days of her life

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According to Daniel Molden, an assistant professor of psychology at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, after two people marry, it is likely that they would need a form of support from each other that they did not desire to the same degree before they got married.

The most important thing your birth partner can do is just be with you.

But what if the husband himself doesn't know the significance of supporting his wife on one of the most important days of her life?

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a woman complains that her husband did nothing but to complain and criticize her. He even gaslighted her by saying she was just confused and doesn't remember correctly. And that there's something wrong with her and she needs help.

The author starts her post by saying she hates her husband. On the day that was supposed to be the most significant of her life, her husband failed to come through for her. The author's husband did nothing but to complain and criticize her while she was in labor with their daughter. He did this the entire time. It was his contention that she was preventing him from getting any rest.

"I'm sorry I disturbed your beauty sleep but pushing a baby out my va*ina was a little complicated. I had been in labor for 2 days, I was scared, exhausted, and in pain. You asked me why I was acting so mean?..... O i don't know maybe because while I was in excruciating pain you couldn't even bother to sit next to me or even look at me. You were too busy making your bed and asking the nurse for more pillows and sheets for yourself." Author said.

When the author asked her husband to sit close to her, he allegedly declined on the grounds that his legs were too cold and he needed to warm up.

"Instead of asking what I need or thinking about me you were too busy calling my sister so that she could bring you warm pants. You complain that the hospital didn't have a recliner for you, that you were tired, hungry, sleepy, and that I was being mean to you. You said "If the nurse slapped you right now I would understand why." You left to answer your phone in the bathroom while I was pushing and the nurse had to go get you." She added.

The author noted that she was left feeling terrified and isolated. Her midwife offered her an epidural after two days of labor at home, one day at the hospital, and two hours of pushing—and still no baby. Her husband shamed her and made her question her decision after she accepted the epidural. Telling her to think about what she was doing and that it was unnecessary.

"You made me feel so humiliated and exposed. After 3 hrs of pushing my baby was rushed to NICU I didn't get to see or hold her. I am enraged that you were the first to hold her, you don't deserve her. I don't even have a picture of me and my baby at the hospital but I have plenty of you laying on a hospital bed holding her."

The author claims she still harbors no forgiveness for him a full year after the incident.

"Honestly I don't think you are sorry. I lost the husband I thought I had that day. I want to see you go through the same pain, I want you to suffer so that I can be cruel to you. You complained about me to your family telling everyone how bad I was. On top of all you have the audacity to ask for another child and call me selfish for not giving our daughter a sibling. Im still trying to get over PPD and PTSD. In the middle of the pandemic the only help I could find was taking to a therapist over the phone and instead of giving me privacy ( so that i can get the help you said I need to realize that you did nothing wrong) you listened to my therapy session behind the door and later ask how i could say such bad thing about you." Author added.

As the author recounts it, her husband apologized and realized he was wrong when she originally informed him how she felt. However, she added that her husband now claims that she is confused and has faulty memories, suggesting that the whole episode took place a full year ago. And that she needs help since something is wrong with her.

The author ends her post by saying:

"The only thing wrong with me is that I'm still married to you. The only reason I'm still with you is because you are a good (not great) dad and our daughter loves you."

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