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Discover These Museums in Phoenix, Arizona, and Learn More About the History of the Area

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Have you ever wondered what the history of Phoenix, Arizona, is?

The city has many amazing places to offer, from parks to venues to museums - and the range of museums in Phoenix offers many historical ones as well. No matter if you're a history enthusiast or if you're genuinely just interested in the history of Phoenix, these museums will broaden your knowledge in many interesting ways and enrich your thinking.

Are you ready to explore what history museums there are to visit in Phoenix, Arizona? Let's go!

Heard Museum

In the first place, we have the Heard Museum, which was founded in 1929. Heard Museum focuses on American Indian art - in the museum, you get to learn about the stories of American Indian people and see both traditional and contemporary art related to the topic.

Heard Museum was founded by Dwight and Maie Bartlett Heard in 1929 and since then, it's come a long way - it is now an internationally recognized museum that has high-quality collections dedicated to the art of Native people. Heard Museum is rated as number 4 out of 234 things to do in Phoenix on Tripadvisor, which means it's a very popular attraction in Phoenix.

According to the official website of the museum:

"The mission of the Heard Museum is to be the world’s preeminent museum for the presentation, interpretation and advancement of American Indian art, emphasizing its intersection with broader artistic and cultural themes."

At the time of writing this article (27th May 2021), some of the current exhibits include "Leon Polk Smith: Hiding in Plain Sight", "All at Once: The Gift of Navajo Weaving" or "Small Wonders".

The Heard Museum is generally open from Tuesday until Sunday between 10 AM and 4 PM. When you purchase your ticket online, the price of one ticket is 17 dollars per adult, 14 dollars per senior, 9 dollars per student or child, and children under 5 as well as American Indians can enter for free.

If you're interested in visiting the Heard Museum in Phoenix and learning more about the culture and history of Native people, don't hesitate to head to 2301 North Central Avenue in Phoenix.

Pueblo Grande Museum

The second history museum definitely worth visiting in Phoenix is the Pueblo Grande Museum, which was coincidentally also opened in 1929, just like the Heard Museum. However, the original museum building was apparently only finished in 1935, and adobe blocks were used during the construction.

Pueblo Grande Museum is an archaeological museum that focuses on the Hohokam people and their culture, stories, and history. According to, these are the things you can expect from visiting the Pueblo Grande Museum in Phoenix:

"A visit today consists of a two-thirds of a mile interpretive trail which travels around the remains of the prehistoric Hohokam people’s ballcourt and platform mound. The trail also features a variety of native plants, walk-in replicated dwellings and an interpretive agricultural garden featuring cotton, corn, beans, squash and amaranth. Inside, view an award-winning introductory video on the Hohokam people and the Pueblo Grande village site."

You get to explore three different galleries that center around the lives of the Hohokam people, as well as the archaeological methods that were used in order to gain more knowledge about the people.

During this time (27th May 2021), access to the museum is restricted due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, you can still visit some aspects of it, such as the ancient village site. The outdoor trail is accessible from Monday to Saturday between 9 AM and 4:45 PM.

If you're interested in taking a stroll through the village site, head to 4619 E. Washington Street in Phoenix.

Final Thoughts

These two museums are definitely worth visiting if you're interested in finding out more about the people who used to live in the area, as well as other aspects of life from those times.

So why not visit these museums in Phoenix? You might be surprised at how much interesting information you find.

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