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Here Are Three Military Museums to Discover in Tucson

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If you're interested in military history and are looking for places that could expand your knowledge on the topic, don't fret - there are some amazing military museums right in Tucson, Arizona. No matter if you're a local or if you're just passing by, these museums are waiting to be discovered at whatever point you wish.

Here are three amazing military museums that you can visit in Tucson, Arizona.

390th Memorial Museum

First on the list of military museums in Tucson is the 390th Memorial Museum, which serves to honor the veterans who flew the B-17 in the 390th Bombardment Group of the Eighth Air Force during World War II. The official website of the museum expands on this:

"In the spring of 1943, the 390th Bomb Group (H) was activated in Blythe, California with four squadrons: the 568th, 569th, 570th, and 571st. In July, the Group’s air and ground troops were assigned to the 8th Air Force and dispatched to Suffolk, England for missions over Europe. The 390th‘s B-17 Flying Fortresses bombed aircraft factories, bridges and oil refineries. A total of 714 airmen sacrificed their lives in the cause of freedom."

In the museum, you also get to see the memorial that honors the 714 Bomb Group members who died so that other people can be free.

If you can't visit the museum at the moment, there are some virtual exhibitions you can explore. At the time of writing this article (25th May 2021), these are for example "Preparing to Do Battle at 25,000 Feet", "Friend or Foe? Aircraft Identification Quiz" or "Legacy in Leather – Jackets of the 390th Bomb Group".

If you're interested in visiting the museum itself and seeing everything in real life right in Tucson, head to the Pima Air and Space Museum - it's located on the same grounds. The exact address is 6000 East Valencia Road in Tucson.

Arizona History Museum

The next museum in Tucson listed as a military one is the Arizona History Museum. Its focus is on southern Arizona history, for example the Spanish colonial era. There are artifacts relating to famous people in southern Arizona history, such as Emperor and Empress Maximilian and Carlota of Mexico.

Arizona History Museum also shows exhibits that center around mining and transportation. An interesting part of the exhibits is for example Geronimo's rifle.

The museum is related to the Arizona Historical Society, which aims to "connect people through the power of Arizona's history." According to the official website:

"The Arizona Historical Society (AHS) is proud to serve as the steward of Arizona’s history. Our collections broadly represent Arizona history that offers a one-of-a-kind resource for Arizona history. Our artifact and manuscript holdings offer unique opportunities for public programming, educational outreach, and exhibitions, as well as academic and community-based research. AHS collections provide premier resources for recounting Arizona’s past, and they are invaluable tools for promoting public understanding of contemporary issues such as water availability, immigration, free trade, mining, ranching and agribusiness, the defense industry, cultural diversity, and urban development and revitalization."

The Arizona History Museum is located at 949 E 2nd Street in Tucson.

Fort Lowell Museum

Last but not least, the Fort Lowell Museum allows you to explore the Army life during the Apache Wars. There are many exhibits and interactive activities for adults and children alike. You can even try to make candles or soap!

The museum is open Thursday to Saturday between 10 AM and 4 PM. If you'd like to visit, head to 2900 N Craycroft Rd in Tucson.

Final Thoughts

These are the three militaries/history museums that you can find in Tucson. They all offer invaluable insight and are definitely worth visiting for anyone who's interested in military history and is currently in Tucson, Arizona.

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