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These Are the 6 Tallest Buildings in Oklahoma City

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There are many beautiful things to see in Oklahoma City, from the Oklahoma State Capitol to all the museums. We don’t usually stop and admire skyscrapers since most of them have been built recently, however, there are many skyscrapers in Oklahoma City worth mentioning.

There’s beauty to every piece of architecture if you dare to look for it, and that’s the case or skyscrapers as well. Oklahoma City has more than 50 high-rise buildings.

Today, we’re going to have a look at the 6 tallest buildings that can be found in the city. Ready? Let’s go!

Devon Energy Center

The Devon Energy Center is sometimes also called the “Devon Tower” and it’s the tallest building in all of Oklahoma City. Devon Energy Center is 844 feet tall (that’s 257.3 meters) and it has 50 floors, which makes it the 62nd tallest building in the United States.

The construction of the building took place between 2009 and 2012, while the topping-out ceremony (when the last beam is placed on the top of the building) took place in 2011.

The Devon Tower is located at 333 W Sheridan Ave in Oklahoma City.

BancFirst Tower

This office skyscraper has had many nicknames, for example “Liberty Tower” or “Chase Tower” but it’s now known as the BancFirst Tower. This building is the second tallest in Oklahoma City and it’s 500 feet tall (that’s 152.4 meters). It has 36 floors.

The tower is the 6th tallest building in the state of Oklahoma and it was completed in 1971. It’s located at 100 North Broadway Ave in Oklahoma City.

First National Center

On the third place, we’ve got the First National Center. It’s 493 feet tall (that’s 150.3 meters) and it includes 33 floors. It used to be called the First National Bank Building.

The First National Center was constructed by the First National Bank and Trust Company of Oklahoma City and it was built in 1931, which makes it pretty old in comparison to other skyscrapers such as the Devon Energy Center.

The building’s architecture style is Art Deco. The First National Center is located at 120 N. Robinson Ave in Oklahoma City.

City Place Tower

This gorgeous skyscraper is the fourth tallest building in Oklahoma City and it’s 440 feet tall (that’s 134 meters). It has 33 floors. The City Place Tower is used for various purposes, for example the top seven floors are used as condos, and it’s the 8th tallest building in the state of Oklahoma.

The Starrett Corporation constructed the building (apparently, the Starrett Corporation is known for having constructed the Empire State Building) and the construction was completed in 1931. The City Place Tower was designed by Walter. W. Ahlschlager and Claire Drury.

It’s located at 200 Park Avenue in Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma Tower

The Oklahoma Tower occupies the fifth place with its 434 feet (that’s 132 meters). It’s the 9th tallest building in the state of Oklahoma and it has 31 floors.

The Oklahoma Tower was constructed in 1982 and it’s currently used for things such as conferences, banking or retail stores. The building was designed by Morris-Aubry.

It’s located at 210 Park Avenue in Oklahoma City.

BOK Park Plaza

Last but not least, BOK Park Plaza is the 6th tallest building in Oklahoma City. It’s 433 feet tall (that’s 132 meters) and it has 27 floors. BOK Park Plaza is an office skyscraper and its spaces are used for example by the Bank of Oklahoma.

BOK Park Plaza was constructed between 2015 and 2017, which makes it a pretty recent skyscraper. It’s located at 427-499 West Sheridan Avenue in Oklahoma City.

Final Thoughts

If you ever feel like exploring the architecture of Oklahoma City, why not have a look at these skyscrapers? They all have something curious to offer, from their architecture to their history.

Have fun!

Photo Credit: Josh Cole on Pixabay

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