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4 Beautiful Outdoor Places Near San Antonio Where You Can Go for a Walk or a Hike

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San Antonio is a place full of beautiful architecture and places to socialize, but it also offers much more than that - there are many great outdoor places where you can go for a nice long walk or a hike.

Lockdown has been making it hard for us to go out and enjoy life outside of our houses, but luckily, many of us are still allowed to go exercise once a day – walking included, of course. This means that you can go have a look at the following places to clear your head and explore new places in or near San Antonio.

You’ll need a car to visit some of these, but not all of them.

Rio Medina Trail

Just under an hour from the center of San Antonio, Rio Medina Trail is 12.6 miles (20.3 km) long - out and back. Many people go hiking there, so the traffic is moderate (however, there might be much fewer people in the Coronavirus times).

And there’s a river! Who doesn’t love walking alongside a river? If you have a car, you’ll be there in no time and you get to enjoy some beautiful nature.

Olmos Walking Trail

Located in the Olmos Park Area in San Antonio, this trail is available to all citizens who don’t want to go further than San Antonio itself. The trail is only ½ miles (1.4 km) long, which means you don’t have to spend too much time there if you only want to go out for a little bit.

You can go walking or running there with your dog (although you apparently need to keep your animal friend on a leash) and there’s even exercise machines!

So why not go have a look at the beautiful oak trees and other wonders of nature right in the Olmos Park?

Leon Creek Greenway

Leon Creek Greenway is located about half an hour from the center of San Antonio and it stretches on for up to 20 miles (about 32 km). If you decide to visit, you’ll see wildflower fields, Cottonwoods and many heritage trees, as well as wildlife if you’re lucky or if you go there at a quiet time, such as mornings or evenings.

You can bike there as well of course. The surface is made from asphalt and concrete so it shouldn’t be too demanding.

According to Nature Rocks San Antonio, the City of San Antonio is planning on expanding the Leon Creek Greenway and adding new trails. Exciting!

McKinney Falls State Park

If you dare to go further, an hour and a half away from San Antonio is the McKinney Falls State Park in Austin, Texas. The trail there is 3.1 miles (almost 5 km) long and as the name suggests, there are stunning waterfalls and pathways near the water. There are even swimming areas, although you’d probably need to wait for warmer weather for that.

When it comes to wildlife, it’s possible to spot a white-tailed deer, racoons or squirrels. There are also some historical sites, for example the Smith Rock Shelter, which is a limestone overhang that used to be used by Native Americans as a shelter.

Final Thoughts

Personally, what keeps me sane in these lockdown times is the fact that I can always venture outside and explore the city I live in, as well as the nature surrounding it. Nature always calms me down, refreshes me and makes me feel more alive.

If you’re feeling down from spending all your time shut indoors in San Antonio, why not give hiking or walking a chance? No matter which place you visit, you’re bound to feel better afterwards. You can even bring a dog, a member of your household, or you can come by yourself to enjoy some solitude.

The places mentioned above might be great starting points. Have fun, always make sure to socially distance and stay safe.

Photo Credit: Hermann on Pixabay

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