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Looking for a great place to stay in Tennessee?! Look no further! Cookeville TN is a unique town just over an hour from Nashville and around 1.5 hours from Knoxville and Chattanooga. But what's extra special about it?! Waterfalls! Don't let the shiny lights of the big cities pull you away from the serenity you can find a little farther out. Here are 5 fantastic waterfalls you can adventure to when you stay or visit Cookeville that will give you all the peace and adventure you'll need on your next vacation!
Roaring River Falls- Cookeville TennesseePhoto byTara Hunt
1. Roaring River Falls is also known as Hardy-Reagan Falls or Crawford Mills Falls. It is a small waterfall with beautiful rock formations all around it. Sadly it has been tattooed with a lot of graffiti but the natural beauty of the area still holds its luster. It is a very peaceful place to go and enjoy the soft sound of the water spilling over the rocks. It is also easily accessible right off the roadside. The parking lot is very small and will only hold a few cars so be safe while parking and be sure not to block the drive. This is off of Standing Stone Hwy and can be easily searched on google under Roaring River Falls Trailhead.
Roaring River Falls - Cookeville TNPhoto byTara Hunt

2. City Lake Falls - Standing at just 10 feet tall this charming waterfall holds the heart of many in Tennessee. A well-maintained short trail leads to a calming and relaxing taste of Tennessee. After rainy days you can see a beautiful display coming off the falls and down around the corner. This unique and loveable piece of Cookeville is a one-of-a-kind gem. You can find City Lake Falls within City Lake Natural Area.
City Lake Falls - Cookeville TNPhoto byTara Hunt
City Lake Falls - Cookeville, TNPhoto byTara Hunt
3 & 4. Upper and Lower Waterloo Falls - Two for one waterfalls, right in Cookeville! What's better than that?!? **Note that these waterfalls are on private property, the public is allowed.** You will need a Day Pass to go during the season and you need to check ahead of time to see if they have a private event where the public will not be allowed that day. The owners of the property are very kind to let the public come and enjoy these two incredibly beautiful waterfalls! Both waterfalls are just a short walk (in opposite directions) from the parking area and a short distance from each other.
Upper Waterloo Falls is the smaller of the two clocking in at just 5 feet tall. Don't let the size keep you from laying your eyes on her though! It's a beautiful, long waterfall that is worth every step it takes to get to it. The sound of the water gently falling into the water below is comforting and soothing. It's a sound you definitely want to hear and a waterfall you will want to experience during your stay.
Upper Waterloo Falls - Cookeville TNPhoto byTara Hunt
Lower Waterloo Falls - If you head in the opposite direction you'll run right into Lower Waterloo Falls and believe me, you will hear it before you see it! It is a gorgeous 35-foot waterfall that is easily accessible and has a breathtaking greenish-blue pool that will make your day! You won't regret this stopover and the time you take exploring the area. We did call ahead the day of our visit to verify everything we needed to do and if it was ok to come that day. The staff at Waterloo Venue and Events were beyond helpful and very kind. It was truly a treat sitting at the bottom of this waterfall!
Lower Waterloo Falls - Cookeville TNPhoto byTara Hunt
Lower Waterloo Falls - Cookeville TNPhoto byTara Hunt
5. We can't talk about Cookeville Tennessee waterfalls without talking about the 75-foot beauty known as Cummins Falls. The top of this waterfall is a pretty simple walk from the parking area and lends a wonderful view of the top. To access the bottom gorge you do have to acquire a Gorge Access Permit. This is a strenuous and rugged hike to the bottom. Wear good shoes and be prepared for a tough hike. The gorge is only open on fair weather days for your safety so be sure to prepare ahead when visiting. You can find all the must-know information about the park on the park website here: Cummins Falls State Park Be safe, prepared, and enjoy this fantastic waterfall!
Cummins Falls - Cookeville TNPhoto byTara Hunt
Whether you stop for the day or for a week; Cookeville is the perfect place to stay and explore. Its central location to many of the hot spots in Tennessee makes this the perfect place to stay! Be sure to visit these lovely waterfalls while you're here and remember to always Leave No Trace. Help us keep Tennessee beautiful! For more information on things to do around Cookeville click the following link: Visit Cookeville Tennessee
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