Google feature valuable for job seekers

Karthik Rajan

55+ year olds let me know what’s truly valuable for job search

I spoke for about 55 minutes to 55+ year olds.

I asked a question at the end.

“What was the first thing that you recollect about my presentation?”

I was shocked by their majority answer.

The common answer: “I learned how to use google better for job search.”

And that was NOT the intent of my presentation.

In the passing I shared how to do job search with Google.

And I had always assumed people use google the same way.

That feedback was golden and the genesis of this share.

This is what I showed them

“* OR*

(“finance” AND “advanced excel” )

AND (Houston OR Remote)”

What’s different about this search

  1. Many companies have started to outsource their job postings and the two companies that seem to host many of these jobs are and Searching within these sites seem to focus the search better.
  2. If you search Google for jobs — the search had become so vast that the results have become generic. Clustering with AND or skills/key words bubbles up the best.
  3. Many folks would have job location constraints due to family ties, kids education etc. AND/OR feature helps isolate jobs to remote and your place of residence.
  4. Most job sites like LinkedIn, indeed, monster etc — it’s hard for most companies to stand out unless they sponsor to show up at the top of the searches — which large companies happily do. But most of the jobs are in the midsize companies and they have a challenge to stand out.
  5. Google search feature is fantastic while job site’s search engines are subpar. The best analogy is trying searching for a good movie to watch on Netflix or Hulu. Your best bet is when you know the movie name. That’s is too specific to make search within these websites work well.

My biggest aha

I dug deeper with some of my audiences.

The aha — they were excited about the “hidden” features of google search.

It opened up possibilities for them beyond job search.

Just like math, google (built by geeks) has lot of symbols that can distill the vast ocean of the internet and present what matters.

Top 10 Symbols in Google search for your favorites

  1. CAPS: the upper case mean something in google — AND, OR are good examples. They mean what they say. In lower case, they are assumed as part of our search.
  2. “” : Within quotes means exact phase. In my example “advanced excel”
  3. & : short form for AND. Include both sides of & in the google search
  4. * : the geek word is wild card. The conversational meaning is ‘*’ can be anything it’s place.
  5. ( ): the example above gives it away. The string within the () is evaluated on it’s own merit.
  6. site: searches only within that site
  7. type: only searches for that type like type:pdf
  8. related: searches for related site
  9. double “””” : means you want to make doubly sure (must have) the word within the quotes in the results. Good old days, it was the + sign.
  10. - : means you do not want the word that follows

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