Whip Up An Easy Pralines and Cream Candy Bar Ice Cream Pie

Karen Marie Shelton

This recipe starts with an easy-to-mix pre-packaged chocolate crumb pie crust that guarantees a firm pie base. Sweet, rich, creamy, and thick, a slice of this ice cream pie is a delicious light treat.

Let your creativity flow by experimenting with an array of caramel or peanut butter candy bars and pralines for your signature recipe.

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt." — Charles M. Schulz

This recipe is easy and offers the option to whip up a sweet candy embellished treat at any time in short order.


Before you begin, assemble all of your ingredients, mixing bowls, measuring cups, and spoons. It's easier if you have everything ready to go before you start. It speeds your baking time.

  • 1 unwrapped 1.92 ounce Snickers bar or similar chocolate, caramel, and peanut candy
  • 1 unwrapped 2.1 ounce Butterfinger or similar type of candy bar such as a Heath bar
  • 1 unwrapped candy bar with two sticks of Reese's crispy wafer candy bars with peanut butter.
  • 1 ready-to-fill 6-ounce chocolate-flavored crumb crust. Keep the top plastic lid on the pie crust
  • 1 quart of slightly softened Blue Bell Pralines & Cream or similar brand ice cream
  • 1/2 cup of heavy (whipping) cream beaten stiff with an electric mixer or dairy topping
  • Optional chocolate and caramel flavored large praline
  • Optional caramel, chocolate, or Nutella sauce for topping drizzle

Note: If you prefer, substitute Dulce de leche caramel laced ice cream - any brand.


  • Cut the candy bars in half even though they will shatter.
  • Reserve one half in an airproof freezer bag. Freeze for future use as a garnish.
  • Thinly slice the other candy bar halves. Set all the slices aside.
  • Spoon half of the softened ice cream into the chocolate pie shell.
  • Sprinkle the candy pieces over the softened ice cream spooned into the shell.
  • Spoon on the remaining ice cream and swirl with a spoon in a decorative pattern.
  • Cover the pie with the original plastic pie crust lid.
  • Freeze for at least 8 hours.
  • You can leave it in the freezer with the plastic lid sealed on top of the pie for us to 2 weeks before serving.

Note: Steps one and two can be assembled and frozen up to two weeks before you serve the final creation.

  • Shortly before serving the pie, remove it from the freezer. Remove the lid. Garnish the top of the pie with your choice of whipped cream.
  • Sprinkle with the rest of the frozen candy bar pieces.

Optionally you can create the additional garnishes:

  • Break up one or more chocolate and caramel pralines and sprinkle on top of the pie as well.
  • Optionally you can drizzle the top of the pie with chocolate, caramel, or Nutella sauce.

What could be better than a combination of ice cream, chocolate crust, whipped cream, and candy pieces?

“I think people always want candy, whether you're a kid or an adult.” — Dylan Lauren

This pie can be served all year round, although it makes a great treat or hot steamy evenings.


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