Texas Amps & Axes in Prosper, Texas continues the long tradition of making music in a small community.

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Since prehistoric times an array of animal bones were banged together, and people blew crudely constructed horns, to create a variety of different sounds.

Whether to warn of danger, call individuals together, or mark special community events, music has played a significant role in the community.

We know that 50,000 years ago humans first started creating art in the form of cave paintings and jewelry and that it was around this time that they also began to ceremonially bury their dead. The emergence of these types of intentional activities implies that music must also have emerged at the same time" — Precussion Play

Texas Amps & Axes Brings all Types of Music to Prosper

Located at 117 W Broadway Street in downtown Prosper, the small boutique-style music shop and school offers an excellent section of axes—everyday slang and go-to word—for electric guitars. Their collection primarily spans entry to mid-level ranges.

Prices are reasonable and competitive. People who work at the store are classically trained, knowledgeable, and friendly. They sincerely care about serving the local community.

The Popularity of Guitars Have Recently Exploded

Since the onset of the Pandemic in early 2020, the popularity of guitars has skyrocketed.

If you’ve been following the industry’s reaction to the pandemic, you’ll know there’s been a consistent boom in its popularity. Reverb notes that there were around 30 million searches between January and September for electric and acoustic guitars" — Guitar.com

The store manager—Carlos— does double duty as the guitar tech.

Not only is he a working musician who can be spotted playing around North Texas, he meticulously will do a set-up for a guitar so that it evolves seamlessly from challenging to easy-to-play.

Interesting Selection Of Gift Items

While guitars are popular at Texas Amps & Axes, the store also has an array of musical instruments, amps, ukeleles, picks, strings, and music-related gift items. It's an excellent place for shopping for that person on your gift list who is impossible to surprise.

On my first trip to the store, I spotted a fun pink ukelele perfect for my 5-year-old niece's upcoming birthday. The store also had the cutest wooden nutcracker dolls.

The combination of the ukelele and wooden doll put me at the top of the Best Aunt's list for at least the rest of the year.

Voice, Piano, Guitar and Other Teachers of Musical Instruments

Although your eyes may glaze over when you first enter the music store and see the rows of beautiful guitars, the upstairs holds an even more magical place in the hearts of many visitors.

There are ten private music rooms above the store where highly skilled music teachers work with many students ranging from beginner to advanced.

Iris, one of the co-owners, runs the highly ranked music school which is regarded for its teachers and programs. At one time, as many as 450 active students were on the Texas Amps & Axes registry. They also offer select retail and academic music programs.

During the height of the Pandemic, students were able to continue their classes over Zoom.

Support For Prosper Community

Texas Amps & Axes has created scores of devoted fans, friends, and supporters throughout their years in business.

It's no surprise since the store and music school consists of a team of dedicated musicians who create inspiration and help fulfill dreams for anyone in the community who loves music.

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