Was Member of Parliament Dawn Butler right about Prime Minister Boris Johnson ‘lying’?

Karen Madej

Dawn Butler was removed from Parliament chambers for 24 hours because she called Boris Johnson a liar and refused to retract her accusation. She could also have avoided her removal if she’d reflected on her words and withdrawn them as warned by the temporary deputy speaker, Ms. Cummins.

‘It’s funny that we get in trouble in this place for calling out the lie rather than the person lying.’ Dawn Butler Labour MP

Gone are the days of integrity when gentlemen would rather die than be accused of dishonesty. As luck would have it, we have Full Fact to investigate whether a lie is or not.

Was Dawn Butler right about Boris Johnson ‘lying’ to Parliament?

  1. Dawn Butler: “The Prime Minister said the economy is growing by 73%. It’s just not true.”

Full Fact: Ms Butler is correct that this claim is false.

2. “[Boris Johnson says he] reinstated nurses’ bursary. Just not true.”

Full Fact: This is not the same system that existed before 2017, so in that sense, it is not true that the old bursary has been “restored”.

3. “[Boris Johnson said] there wasn’t an app working anywhere in the world. Just isn’t true.”

Full Fact: Both parties oversimplified the situation.

4. “[Boris Johnson said the] Tories invested £34bn in the NHS. Not true.”

Full Fact: And it was not the first time he had made this claim. Technically speaking, it is true in absolute cash terms, but this is a misleading way to measure it.

5. “The Prime Minister said we have severed the link between infection and serious disease and death. Not only is this not true, Madam Deputy Speaker, but it’s dangerous.”

Full Fact: Ms. Butler is correct that this is not true.

The Ministerial Code states that ministers who knowingly lie have to resign. It also states:

“It is of paramount importance that Ministers give accurate and truthful information to Parliament, correcting any inadvertent error at the earliest opportunity.”

Full Fact states also that at the time of writing their findings the PM had NOT corrected any of the errors.

If you care to think about it further, as the PM holds the ministerial control for telling lies in Parliament, he could choose to ignore any accusations he doesn’t like.

By using an EDM or Early Day Motion the Butler, a Labour MP, has requested that the PM steps down from his role as ministerial code guardian as he has shown a lack of morality where the truth is concerned.

Ms. Butler has requested the House of Commons take on the task.

Now Ms. Butler is calling for the help of other MPs across parties to remove responsibility from the PM for any of his ministers who lie. She’s already had a positive reaction and has collected 75 signatures.

She now needs our help to spread the word on FB and Twitter. It looks likely that the EDM will succeed. As of September 25th, 3 more votes are required. Will Dawn Butler MP get them?

A possible reason MPs may not vote is what ministers vote goes on public record. I say “it’s time for all ministers to be brave and honest!”

“Obviously there are no men in parliament with the guts of a young woman!” Morgan Madej

To finish off, here’s a video of lawyer and campaigner Peter Stefanovic pointing out some more barefaced lies.

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