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Set in New York City, a certain hot show on Netflix shows how women can have everything they want

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Billie, an educated, married mother, reminisces in her journal about her wild days with another man. The show takes us through the events of her student psychology days when she went out on the town with her best friend, Sasha.

She shares how she meets a record producer who owns a record label. Using her amateur skills, she captures his mind and other parts of his body with her assessment of him. A surprise to him because nobody ever called him out on his behavior before.

He drives them to his magnificent apartment with a pool in the center of New York City! It gets steamy, and I'm not talking about the temperature of the water.

The next day, Billie stands at the front of her class giving a lecture, when Brad, the guy from the night before, strolls down the aisle between desks. He waits for her to speak.

Stunned, somehow, Billie manages to finish her paragraph and announces the end of the session. The students leave, whispering, curious to know who the leather jacket-clad blonde bombshell was.

"You left. Women leave when I want them to," he smiles.

While Billie continues with her studies, her and Brad's activities and locations get riskier and riskier. Their passion was uncontrolled. But so was Brad's anger.

Punishing himself because his father left him when he was eight, he lashes out at the woman he loves. Not physically but verbally. Billie bears with him because she loves him. He apologizes almost immediately after each of his outbursts.

One time, this desirable man proves his feelings for her by getting a tattoo of two bees representing the first letters of their names. He asks her to move in with him.
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Meanwhile, each episode flashes backward to Brad and forwards to her life with her gorgeous, kind, stable husband, whose name I don't even remember. He's perfect, though, until he finds and reads Billie's journal.

"In 2020, nearly 19 million children, amounting to 25 percent of all children in the U.S., were living in single-parent families. That percentage is nearly three times the level in 1960 of 9 percent." JOSEPH CHAMIE

After behaving like an angry child, he rejects Billie's advances and turns on the charm for his boss. But he quickly realizes he loves his life with his wife and children in their perfect home in the country. Under an hour on the train to New York City.

He buys her a party dress (not my taste at all), and they go out on the town. They park up and try some acrobatics in the car that turns into a disaster. Another time he takes her into a private garden and persuades her to take a dip with him. They discover the house he thought empty was not when the owner shouts from his balcony, "what's all that noise? What are you doing in my pool?" They run.

Billie, Brad, and Cooper (I looked his name up) continue in their bizarre love triangle. Neither of the married parties cheats on the other. But Billie still wants that 15% of her life that isn't perfect. She won't leave her husband and kids, but she wants Brad.

Spoiler alert

Billie decides she can have it all, a career, her family and their home, and Brad on the side. Cooper also feels drawn physically to his boss, who has already made clear her intentions with him. So he gets to be happy too.

The centuries-old expectations of how women should behave by various sections of society desperately need a facelift.

"The share of American families with children living with a single parent has tripled since 1965. The large majority of those single-parent families, approximately 75 percent, are headed by a mother only." JOSEPH CHAMIE

If a man wants to keep his family together and experience opportunities outside of the home, he might want to consider this option providing his wife goes along with the idea.

By accepting that we need something more from our relationships and permitting ourselves to find it elsewhere, maybe we could keep a great many of those 19 million children in their homes with both parents.

Women can have it all, and so can men. Why would we waste any opportunity to live fulfilling lives? After all, we only live once, right?

By the way, I haven't given you all the story. If you are desperate to know how Billie and Brad ended and how she and Copper got started, you'll just have to watch the stunning show.

This article is my opinion of an exciting life in New York City portrayed by characters in a top Netflix show. What's yours?

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