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Mayor Breed's budget requests to serve her city clearly show she wants San Francisco's residents to succeed

Karen Madej
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Mayor Breed is not focusing on herself. She is a politician driven to put her city to rights. Perhaps it’s part of her life plan. Maybe it's in her DNA. A plan successfully delivered makes a person feel amazing.

Do you think she's working so hard for her voters to reward her performance? Or is she working for the success of her city?

I wrote this recently Will the Mayor's San Francisco proposals meet the Budget Chair's expectations on corruption, inequity, and innovation? The Budget Chair's 1st Proposed Spending Plan Released Publicly June 22‐ Tuesday was not available at the time of writing. I sincerely hope all requests are approved.
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Superiority complex

Why do others brag about their achievements? We’ve all seen him or her, bigging up their contract wins. They think they are so superior. I didn’t know it, but I thought I was superior. Self-deprecation was my middle name. Used to cover up my superiority, or could that be an inferiority complex?

I wanted to be better at my job than my dad. As a driving force, it worked. Up to a point. We all think we are better than others, though, don’t we? Deep down our basest instinct is to win.

Some want to win so badly they will stamp on others to claw their way up to success. You know them. The political actors. They know how to play the game. They know they are better than the minions milling around them.

What’s the right way to behave when you are successful?

Rewarded with promotions and pay rises

Are those rewards the sort of success you want? To buy the bigger house, the faster car and go on holiday two or three times a year? Maybe invest in that second home for retirement. Is Mayor Breed focusing on monetary rewards for herself?

Believe me, success comes in many shapes and forms. First, know what you want. I wrote my goals for every year between 1987 and 2007. They were mainly for personal improvement, so I could do my job better. Completing courses brought promotions and pay rises. Then money played a part in my primary goal. To retire early.

What are your goals?

Giving yourself goals can make sure you are on track and celebrate when you achieve them. Or adjust your course if you veer away.

Humility, real humility, pays dividends. You keep your head down, keep working hard. Add in some strategy gleaned from experts in your field. Identify your weaknesses if you haven’t already! Take a course to improve your weaknesses. Enjoy what you plan, create, deliver.

However, San Francisco has a long path to travel before it emerges from dark times.

Four months ago, Peter Santanello strolled through the streets of San Francisco and highlighted what is so wrong with the city. Closed bathrooms causing the homeless to defecate on the streets. It's a misdemeanor to steal less than $950 worth of goods. Thieves brazenly help themselves, management tells staff not to interfere. If the police arrest the thief, the next day they help themselves at another store. Clearly, this must change.

Policing the streets reduced in 2020 because of COVID. With a tiny fraction of the pre-pandemic population using the streets, there was little need for a full police force. Crime data from the San Francisco Police Crime Dashboard for the period April 1 to December 31, 2020, shows an overall reduction in crime of 30%.
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Succeed for the right reasons

Consider serenity. Something calming, peaceful, and competition-free. But, isn’t success all about beating the competition?’ If you look at it that way, then you’ll achieve the opposite of serenity.

Winning at all costs will cause more mental pain than spiritual gain. By working with the people of San Francisco and providing the means for the disregarded to elevate themselves as well as encouraging others to raise their game — in whatever field they operate in — Mayor Breed knows this approach will benefit everyone.

Take a leaf out of San Francisco's Mayor London Breed's book, serve others. She's making a cracking start with her budget requests.

I believe Mayor Breed will do her utmost to serve her city and all its inhabitants. I believe she will succeed.

Will you succeed for the right reasons?

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