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Senreve, San Francisco, CA, meet the new Alunna Statement Shoulder Strap

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Senreve sell tasteful handbags and accessories, the opposite of the photo above.

Millennial women, the pandemic shut you away from your favourite boutiques and delicious new handbags for months. Now is the time to dash down to Senreve, 441 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94111. Make an appointment first though!

The email I received from Senreve sported, besides Priyanka, Anna Kendrick carrying by the handle, her pebbled cream Mini Maestra at an airport.

There were only 10 pebbled forest bags available at the time of writing this. If I were you, I'd get down to the shop or online ASAP.

Celebrities would rather you didn't copy them

Everyone wants to be unique, don't they? Because of COVID-19 restrictions, Senreve welcome you to their San Francisco Flagship store by appointment only Tuesday - Friday 1PM - 5PM. See their FAQs.

Brie Larson shows off a Midi Maestra in lavender while standing in the chilled aisle and enthusiastically kissing her beau.

Priyanka and Brie are familiar with Senreve and their fabulous handbags. Featured together with Jessica Alba in 2019, In Style raves about the exceedingly popular celebrity bag, the mini Maestra in forest green.

The stunning Vanessa Simmons flaunts her casual earthy tones and a fresh white shirt set off perfectly by a pebbled blush Maestra bag.

Selma Blair, famous for her support roles in Cruel Intentions and Legally Blonde and this year her debut as the star of her own show, Introducing, Selma Blair. IMDb gives the film a rating of 7.9. Selma also posed for Senreve with a Coda Belt Bag in pebbled forest and mimosa Bordeaux.

Senreve's ethos

We believe women are multifaceted and can have it all—no compromise necessary.

Featured in the press since 2016. Entrepreneur introduces Coral Chung and Wendy Wen.

These two entrepreneurs couldn't find the perfect handbag. They wanted style and functionality. Affordable luxury.

The Maestra bag will hold what you want to carry depending on where you are going. With three different sizes - mini, midi, and original - and four different ways of wearing it, the young women created a winning workbag style for the busy woman.

They found, and enlisted to their cause, expert leather companies established for fifty years. Craftsmen who design and make luxury brands in Florence, Italy.

LUXE DIGITAL ranks The 15 Most Desirable Digital Native Luxury DTC Brands of 2021. Senreve comes in at number 8.

Digitally native vertical brands are maniacally focused on the customer experience, and they interact, transact, and story-tell to consumers primarily on the web. Andy Dunn, CEO at Bonobos

The Senreve, San Francisco, entrepreneurs embraced social media influencers and partnered with celebrities. A recipe for success that works.

Securing funding

Coral Chung and Wendy Wen also know how to attract and secure Series A funding. As a start-up they demonstrated they had a viable business model with strong growth potential. This secured the seed money they required and in 2019 they'd raised over $23M.

Led by Norwest Venture Partners, this latest round of funding will help co-founders Coral Chung and Wendy Wen lead SENREVE to reach a global scale and iconic status. CISION PR Newswire

The founding women possess strong backgrounds in finance, consulting, retail and technology. They also make the most of their storytelling skills. Their ability to place their clients at the centre of their focus and also trust their instincts to do things differently have succeeded in disrupting the traditional luxury product market.

No longer the province of solely the rich and famous, Coral Chung and Wendy Wen combined their wants and needs to bring affordable luxury handbags to working women. First in San Franciso, then the rest of the world!

Head on over to the Senreve website to gush over their latest celebrity handbags. You'll need to be quick!

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