For those who prefer home comforts, find glamorous camping in Townsend, Tennessee

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The Little Arrow Outdoor Resort, Tennessee, gives you so many glamorous choices. Airstreams, tiny houses, a glamorous tent and two bedroomed cabins.

USA Today awarded the Little Arrow Outdoor Resort, Tennessee #1 Best Glamping Resort in their 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards.

From yurts to glamping

Cast your mind back to the time of Genghis Khan. The ruler of the Mongol Empire, an empire second only to the British Empire had his people assemble yurts (or gers in Mongolian) made of wool and rendered waterproof from sheep’s cheese drying out on the roof of the tent.

Back in the days before the written word, they would leave the middle of the tent roof open for smoke from the inside fire to escape through. When the time came to move on, the nomads would dismantle and pack the yurts onto camels or yaks. The first form of luxury living outdoors.

In medieval times, folks mounted their yurts on wagons. This made putting up and dismantling temporary accommodation redundant. In the thirteenth century, only the rich could afford this luxury.

Often a senior ranking family might have tents for their children, their junior wives, and servants.

Decorating one’s yurt with lavish fabrics and gems became quite the fashion. One famous Mongol leader, Mas'ud Beg, even commissioned a woven silk ger cover secured with gold nails!
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Mr Genghis Khan himself much preferred his yurt with all his home comforts. He refused to live in palaces.

You've probably experienced the joys of camping in a tent on a campsite with facilities a short walk away. Maybe you've cooked on a camping stove. Glamorous camping raises the bar where comfort is concerned.

Modern-day glam camping

A step up from camping, glamping focuses on the experiential traveller. Those who prefer comfort and a break from office and city life. They choose to embrace the natural world around them and have the comfort of beds under a roof rather than a canvas. The option of a bathroom instead of a bush or tree. A kitchen instead of a campfire.
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Luxury hotels entice you with their cosseting and indulgence of your every desire within their resorts. Little Arrow Outdoor Resort, Tennessee invites you and your family to trek the surrounding area while benefiting from staying in luxury accommodation.

Perfect for families, the two-bedroom cabins can sleep up to six.

The luxury tents cost $145 per night, they house up to four people, sleeping on a queen-sized bed or bunk beds. The luxury elements are soft furnishings, heat and air conditioning. Wooden walls between living spaces and a small kitchen.

The primitive tents differ from the luxury ones only by the lack of a bathroom. You’ll save $45 per night for using shared bathrooms; a short stroll from your tent. You also benefit from space for a fifth person sharing.

How about an Airstream?

Little Arrow Outdoor Resort, Tennessee has a few dates available for their Airstream accommodation. It has enough beds for a couple with 1 or 2 small children. It has a bathroom and a kitchen. The prime point is a fire pit outside the Silver Bullet.
Photo by Airstream Inc.on Unsplash

The resort has a variety of food trucks from May 2. Ice cream, mac and cheese, and for those of you who take your glamping seriously, lobster dogs.

They also offer a wonderful selection of happenings or events to keep their campers happy. Yoga at 09:30 on May 8 and in the evening The Solstice Band will play. Later on in the month, you can enjoy decorating your Little Arrow T-shirt and learn all about Big Foot.

If you prefer a more traditional all American invention to a yurt, staying in an Airstream would be perfect for you. The Little Arrow Outdoor Resort, Tennessee caters to all tastes.

Suitable for any celebration throughout the year as well as holidays and short breaks. If you enjoy the outdoors and you prefer to do it in style, this is the place for you.

To secure your luxury accommodation for your dates in the next three months, get onto their home page and see what’s available.

You only need to bring yourself and your family. The Little Arrow Resort people ensure your stay involves no assembling or taking down of tents. Phew! And lots of fresh air and fun.

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