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The court must ensure baby Tommy goes to loving and kind foster carers. Heather Green, (née Jones) (34) and her husband, Scott Green (38) have applied to become Tommy’s foster parents.

Tommy’s stepfather, Jayden Talbot (36) and birth mother, Kimberly Marth (24), lost custody of her second-born, six-year-old Jacob, in 2010. The court awarded Jacob’s care to his maternal grandmother, Lisa Jones (51).

It took years for Kimberly’s family to realise the mental harm Jacob went through daily. According to her elder sister, Talbot, a bricklayer and plasterer, expected Kimberly to be available to him whenever he desired. Kimberly would go willingly. A young mother under the spell of an older, physically alluring man, chose her uncontrollable attraction over not just one child but three.

Neighbours reported baby Jacob crying uncontrollably at all times of the day and night. By the time police arrived, the child had cried itself to sleep. Time after time, they warned the couple to comfort their child.

When immediate neighbours to the left and right and even opposite saw Jacob in the garden, his mother dancing, smoking and drinking with Talbot, ignoring the toddler. Music blaring. Sometimes the lad would fall asleep on the sun-warmed concrete, clutching the filthy baby blanket his aunt gave him years earlier. His parents would disappear into their living room for long periods of time.

Concerned about the boy’s health, Heather, Scott, Lisa and the neighbours, called the police frequently. Every time the police went to the terraced house they found the child clean and quiet, sleeping peacefully. Both parents were polite and calm in their tidy home.

Jacob's appeared healthy during the short official visits. However, grandma Lisa and aunt Heather noticed flashes of anger and long periods of silence from Jacob. He often lashed out at them for no reason.

“We may never know the emotional maltreatment Jacob experienced in the confines of his home with his mother and stepfather. Now the court has removed the child from the situation and placed him with his grandmother. We hope to see behavioural improvements.” Jacob’s social worker, Maureen White.

Jacob’s elder sister, Drew McKenzie, lives with her birth father, James. Rescued from Kimberly Marth and her inability to nurture her daughter soon after she set up home with Jacob’s father, Dean Thomson.

James McKenzie won sole custody when his six-year-old exhibited signs of over-attachment. She clung to his legs when he tried to leave the room to make a cup of tea. She followed him everywhere and cried out over and over in the night. Drew refused to return to her mother every time he took her back after his turn to have the child.

James knew he had to protect his daughter from whatever was happening in the house where his ex-girlfriend now lived with her latest boyfriend, Jacob’s father.

He also knew Kimberly was not the best mother. She preferred to focus on her own pleasures. Her children abandoned in front of the television while she and her boyfriend were elsewhere.

A social worker stepped in and visited Drew’s home at random times over a period of weeks. He discovered mass signs of neglect. The evidence of the little girl being left alone in her room with the door locked was all he needed to convince the court. James McKenzie got full custody of his daughter.

Kimberley’s third child, Tommy, named after the popular Peaky Blinder’s character, Thomas Shelby, is currently in foster care with strangers. Maureen White took the baby away from his mom shortly after she gave birth. Kimberley engaged a lawyer to fight her case against the Department of Social Care.

Maureen White requested Heather and Scott Green price up a cot and stroller. Meanwhile, the couple awaits the court’s decision on baby Tommy.

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