Washington, DC: President Biden's Reaction Reveals Strength

Karen Madej

Actions following a fall are key.


Even Kimberley Klacik from Baltimore, who believes he shouldn’t be president, felt sorry for his falls as he jogged up the steps to board Air Force 1. Based at Andrews Air Force, Maryland, 15 miles from Washington, DC .

That he refused to be beaten by his weak knee after falling a couple more times informs us that he will not quit. Despite setbacks, opposition, and physical weakness, he will persevere.

He made it to the top of the stairs. Weren’t you praying he would turn and salute at the top? I was. And he did.


People younger than President Biden have stumbled due to a weak knee. Anyone suffering from arthritis or injuries from their younger days - sports or accidents - will suffer in their later years. I know I do.

My suspicion is that Joe Biden suffers from a weak knee due to a former injury. Worsened by age, wear and tear, and arthritis setting in. He is not likely to be in tip-top health, is he? No matter what social media makes him out to be.


Young women in heels stumble, do we laugh at them? Toddlers waddle and fall. Do we call either of them weak or near the end of their lives? No.


The young women are crazy for wearing such ridiculous footwear, I say. This video is funny. I cannot believe young women would choose to wear such works of art on their feet!

Do you remember the Naomi Campbell catwalk fall? Wearing Vivienne Westwood rubber tights and shoes worthy of a museum, for they were works of art, made the fall inevitable.

Ms Campbell's job was to walk along that catwalk. Nobody is perfect 100% of the time, are they?

Toddlers stumbling is one of the cutest actions to watch. You’ll adore this Stages of Walking video. I especially love Wobbly Wonder at 1:20. This is the whole 2:01 recording for your enjoyment.

President Biden is new to his role in Washington. He is not new to life. We wouldn’t want a twenty-something in power, now would we?

The video of President Gerald Ford’s memorable slip and fall when he arrived in Austria is worth watching.

While escorting his wife down the passenger stairs we see Ford demonstrate how to slip and fall with great style. His fall was pretty well executed. Watch out for those 70s cuffs!

Ford understood that his most pressing task was to help the country move beyond the despair, disgust, and distrust generated by the Watergate crisis. GERALD FORD: IMPACT AND LEGACY. By John Robert Greene

President Ford struggled to deal with the extraordinary challenges of the economy and both his own and the opposition parties' faulting his leadership, foreign and domestic policies.

Regardless of his political stumbles, his reputation honoured the Whitehouse.

Americans, by and large, believed that Gerald Ford was an innately decent and good man and that he would (and did) bring honor to the White House. GERALD FORD: IMPACT AND LEGACY. By John Robert Greene

Laughing at old men when they fall is not cool. A knee jerk reaction of laughter to any kind of incident that is painful mentally or physically or both could be a nervous or callous mentality. Empathy would be a decent response to a fall.


My favourite, former President Barack Obama, trips and recovers with the swiftness of a much younger man.

As my hero, his reflexes reflect his intelligence, wit, and ability to make tough decisions but also be a caring, thoughtful, and wise man. Much like President Biden.

If you are interested, his summer reading lists are legendary. I can't recommend them highly enough. We have similar tastes in books, how could he do anything wrong? Barack Obama's 2020 recommended reading list.

We couldn't finish this story without referring to former President Donald Trump. A satirical look at the Fall of Donald Trump. Released while Trump was living in the Whitehouse, Washington DC.

Falling can and does happen to anyone.

When feet, judgement or gravity fail to keep us upright, it’s the getting back up again and how we respond to that fall or those falls, trips or slips.

Actions following a fall can make a man, woman or toddler look weak, mediocre or resilient.

President Joe Biden your response to the falls demonstrated your strength and your resilience. Bravo.

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