Experience the Taste of Redfish in Jackson City, Mississippi, at Mayflower Cafe

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Mayflower Cafe, famous for its redfish, reopened February 23. Their Facebook page is here. Their food is legendary.

From the famous house salad dressing that Maxim magazine calls the nation’s number one condiment* and was featured on Food Network's "The Best Thing I Ever Ate", through the buttery, melt-in-your-mouth signature redfish, the Mayflower experience is second to none.

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Investing in Property in Mississippi

We all know that grandparents are leaving their legacies to their grandchildren. Generation X (1965 to 1980) accumulated their wealth in property, stocks and shares in the last forty years. Both generations could have lost their investments in the financial crisis of 2007-2008.

Wise investments by Baby Boomers (1946 to 1964) that survived the devastating effect of lazy, greedy mortgage bankers, choose to leave their life’s work to their children’s children.

Generation Y or millennials have little to no chance of buying their own property in 71% of cities across the United States of America. Unless grand pop and grand mom help them out.

With Baby Boomers living longer, millennials may have to wait longer before they have enough for a deposit to buy their dream home.

The significant news is that if you can’t afford the average New York City house price tag of $769,000 or even worse, $1,348,000 in San Francisco, there are other cities you or your kids can find properties primed for a steal!

If you don’t mind high crime rates, Jackson, Mississippi, rates 105 (the higher the rate, the higher the number of crimes). The 2014 data on USA Crime crimes index shows Jackson with 4,372 crimes compared to 0 in Houston.

Jackson City’s average house price, $89,200 and urban population in 2019, the largest in Mississippi at 166,383. This property in Jackson is $92,900 with an estimated monthly payment of $320. Houston’s 2019 population was 3,478, with an average house price of $81,800. This one is $80,000 estimated monthly payment is $278.

Looks like property isn't as cheap in Jackson as it is in Houston.

Investing in People

According to Mississippi Centre for Public Policy, the addiction problem in Jackson requires a novel solution. The current approach means addicts go to jail where drugs abound and convicts contiue to perpetuate the cycle when they leave jail.

There’s a better way to address this problem by implementing treatment diversion programs that connect people with drug treatment programs. Brett Kittredge

This video shows a cop, a social worker and a former drug addict. Be warned, it will make you cry.

By supporting drug addicts they can get clean. With smart reforms the traditional cycle of a drug addict is interrupted. They won't always go straight on the first go. But keeping misdemeanor criminals out of jail goes a long way to preventing desperation and murder when they come out of jail with the same problem they went in with.

While Jackson City saw an increase in murders between people who knew each other, arresting and imprisoning the murderers does not address the root of the crime. More police is not the only answer.

Police act agains US Attorney advice

Against the advice of a US Attorney Jackson police instigated a crackdown on crime. Mainly removing the firearms from the streets to demonstrate the police and highway patrols are doing something to make the place a safer one to reside in.

The US attorney criticised the public announcement because giving the gun holders a heads up won't help them. If they'd waited until after the operation, they would have had better results.

Dignity Economy

Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba encourages a dignity economy. This type of economy brings new employment, improves education, offers safe and affordable housing, and access to decent internet and infrastructure.

The city partners with some big name foundations to create future leaders. The Jackson Workforce Leadership Academy, Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program, W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

The mayor also has a master plan. CONNECTJXN aims to engage the citizens of Jackson to hear what they want to see happen in their future city. He wants to create a vision of a what a transformed Jackson City will look like in 20-25 years time. And then deliver it.

If you live in Jackson and you'd like to share your ideas for your city, the survey is still available here.

If I were you, I'd order some of that redfish and salad sauce from Mayflower Cafe, too.

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