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Angleton, Texas: Musk Deal Will Provide Back Up Energy From June 2021

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Elon Musk and Tesla are building Battery Storage in Texas to sustain power supply in the event of future failures of their fossil fuel grid. It's happened before, it'll happen again! As we saw in February, freak weather left millions of Texans with no power or heat for up to five days.

A brief history of Tesla in Australia

In 2016, a blackout affected 30,000 South Australia residents. Mike Cannon-Brookes challenged Musk to fix the Australian grid. Musk did, and he saved the country $116 million dollars over two years.

When Musk sees a problem, he provides a solution. Screenshot of original Tweets below.

His deal with Australia advertised the fact that he could deliver 300 enormous 100MW batteries to store enough back up energy to power 30,000 homes. A 100MW battery is three times the size of any other battery in the world says Musk, in Austrailia's 60 Minutes show.

He says towards the end of the video, after his emotional "We will work harder" line:

"It's in the definition, if it's not renewable it's going to run out sometime. And you will have the collapse of civilisation and into the dark ages we go or we find something that is renewable."

Australia has a lot of sunshine and a lot of wind. Pensioners shouldn't suffer energy poverty. Elon Musk advocates for finding something renewable. Hornsdale Power Reserve, aka Elon Musk Battery Farm, where the massive batteries live, resides near wind and solar farms.

Considered a test site, the 1.7 million residents in South Australia benefit from upto one hour of natural energy from the batteries during national grid outages in the extreme summer weather. The back up energy supply assists the national grid in its balancing act to ensure everyone has power available at all times.

In 2019, Garth Heron of Neoen, Hornsdale Power Reserve's owner said the AUS$116 million savings would be passed on to South Australia's businesses and householders.

Further savings for residents are expected following an additional 50MWh upgrade in 2020. Fossil fuel companies can expect a reduction in their business. Tesla’s big battery in South Australia is about to bring more pain to coal and gas plants.

Angleton, Texas

Musk's expansion of his energy storing battery plants into Texas, following their recent blackouts indicates he is serious about capturing and storing wind and solar power.

Hyperchange presenter of Tesla Will Fix The US Grid, believes Tesla are going for the trifecta.

Produce, store, and consume energy are all products Tesla creates in this new clean energy flywheel they are trying to bring to civilization.

He adds that relying on fossil fuels makes the grid unstable, as witnessed and experienced by Jamestown, Austrailia, and Texas. His use of batteries to store sustainable energy forces traditional coal, oil and gas and even nuclear energy suppliers to rethink their business models.

Further climate change events will bring more blackouts should countries continue to put their faith in non-sustainable fuels.

The man bringing these sustainable gifts of energy storage Megapacks for national grids in the US, Australia, and the UK, also offers Powerwalls for individual homes.

The Texas grid transportation system delivers energy from large power plants to customers over miles of transmission lines. Musk's energy subsidiary projected go live date may be as soon as June 2021.

Gambit Energy Storage Park registered as a subsidiary of Tesla as reported by Bloomberg.

Musk and his family's recent move from California to Texas indicates his intention to shake up the energy utility business there. He plans to improve upon the non-profit ERCOT or Electric Reliability Council of Texas' ability to distribute the flow of energy to 26 million customers.

How happy are Texans?

Comments from the Tesla Will Fix The US Grid YouTube video.

Pretty darn happy.

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