Atlanta, GA Gets Stimulus Checks and Grows Free Food Forests

Karen Madej

President Biden cares for the people of America. His stimulus checks will help people get back on their feet and boost the economy.

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The President of the USA also has a new COVID relief bill. Payments will go to middle-class and poor parents. Everyone with a child will receive a check, whether or not they work.

With both stimulus checks and a food forest, citizens of Atlanta are lucky folks.

The UK has food banks and Universal Credit and a government that has no interest in hungry or dying people. The US has President Biden, who cares about all Americans.

As you know, Britain and the European Union parted ways a few months ago. The United Kingdom remains divided. Much like America was with Trump running his reality show.

Since 2007, the Tories have chosen every wrong turn imaginable. In their eyes, though, it could very well have been by design.

Sensible and decent human beings know that the EU, and what it stands for, is good for everyone.

Followers of nationalistic pride politicians (read Fascism) and self-inflicted austerity leads me to imagine the religious zealots who self-flagellate. The people who voted to leave the EU and still believe it is the right thing to do, continue to fall for so many lies.

Hindsight doesn’t even come into what has happened and is still happening. We have yet to survive worse circumstances in the UK. President Biden is ensuring his citizens do not suffer any longer.


Since Brexit red tape cut export businesses off at the knees, the British economy lost £5.6 billion worth of EU business income.

The bountiful, low-priced fish and shellfish in my local supermarkets are because of Scottish businesses not being able to get their fish transported to the EU. The motorway queues, the fines for being in the queue, and the 71 pages of export documents required are a game-changer for the fishing industry.

As luck would have it, EU imports have reduced by only 28.8% so food and medicines are still getting into the UK, compared to the 40.7% of export goods in January that didn’t leave Britain because of obscene amounts of delays and paperwork.

Once admired for our national institutions, the world now ridicules the UK for selling 49 NHS General Practices off to South American Insurance company Centene in London. Keep Our NHS Public stated on February 26h 2021 that this sale happened without consultation with the public.

The government also wrapped and presented, with a big shiny red bow, the National Health Service to the USA. Of course, they said they would not sell off an institution that the public pays for and owns. The UK government says a lot of things that we regularly discover are not true.

According to Full Fact, along with already being able to bid for NHS contracts in England, the US is also keen to charge the UK 2.5% more for pharmaceuticals than they have in a deal with Australia. The devolution of Scotland and Wales means the deal will not affect their health services. Again, I’m relieved to live in Scotland.

How far will the Tories permit the worst aspects of the American way of living? I'm sure Americans would far rather have our NHS than have to sell their home for an operation.

I'd rather be in Atlanta, GA, than in the UK

Presented as a temporary extended child credit welfare check, President Joe Biden's new $100 billion welfare program called the COVID relief bill may become permanent in the future. Biden sends out $300 checks for children under six and $250 per month per older child.

America has more than 70 food forests and Atlanta's is the largest.

In the meantime, millions of UK citizens desperately need food because the UK welfare system sanctions any mistakes forcing people who urgently need help to go to food banks. Having free fresh food forests like the one in Atlanta, GA would be the answer to many people's prayers. Preferably near or in every poverty-stricken area caused by Tory austerity in the UK. If we start now, we might reap the harvests in a few years.

The Trussell Trust is looking for a way to close their food banks. Food forests could solve mental health and poverty issues. By getting communities involved in planning, growing, and tending to all sorts of crops, locals will feel part of a project that, in time, will result in free fresh food for them.

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