Detroit Is Alive, Flourishing, and Open for Business

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Thanks to lower Covid-19 cases, Michigan State has added an extra hour to the restaurant and bars curfew. From March 5 eateries and imbibing hang outs can accommodate 50% capacity up to 100 people maximum.

After the car industry abandoned Motor City and the city filed for bankruptcy in 2013, Detriot rose from the ashes. Detroit is now world-famous for startups. You might have noticed tech startups make the headlines on a regular basis.

By 2018 the big hitters trinity, Google, Twitter, and Facebook all had offices in Detroit. According to the 2020 Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report in the last six years there has been a 58% increase in venture-backed companies.That's 38 companies! The largest business sector with 47% is Information Technology.

The key findings from the report cites 4 major elements for success.

  • talent, experienced, competitive risk-taking entrepreneurs and investors
  • research and innovation institutions, draw out groundbreaking innovation and technology
  • capital, accomplished angels and venture capital investors to invest in and partner with developing companies
  • community, essential to connect all components, in a meaningful and effective symbiosis with strong entrepreneurial organisations

Cost of living in Detroit also factors strongly. Good value business premises and accommodation, is powerful motivation to choose to move to and set up shop in Detroit. Renting a 1 bed apartment is 55% cheaper in Detroit than San Francisco. Buying an apartment is 92% cheaper!

If you are looking for a job in a city that has everything you need, you would do well to consider the possibilities still available in Detroit. In ten years time, house prices are likely to have risen to the level of San Francisco real estate.

House prices in Startup City (I just made that up) start at $19,900 for a 4 bed, 2 bath house. Todd Harris with Harvest Homes Realty offers this one.

With new tech business comes the supporting enterprises, coffee shops, eateries, artisanal bakeries, apparel, and environmentally friendly food and essentials outlets.

Detroit First National Roasting Plant a UK company's first coffeeshop in Detroit, cater to the local entreprenuers.

Our first location in the Detroit Metro Area! We're fueling the Motor City everyday at Campus Martius.

They are unique because they invested, designed, and built Javabot. The machine means customers can choose their favourite bean, and Javabot roasts them in store.

The people behind Roasting Plant provide a blend of artisanal and engineering technology that they say will 'create a customised experience that will change the world of coffee forever.'

Detroit Eatery has a Google Review score of 4.8. A New York style streetfood delivered by various popular services, as well as a pick up service. Their fair-priced menu had my mouth watering. Exciting Indian, oriental, and Greek dishes feature alongside traditional American Beef Burger and NY salad. You can order online from their website or use their app. Why live in The (expensive) Big Apple when you can pop into the Detroit Eatery, to pick up your favourite eats?

Avalon International Breads offers dine in, curbside pick up, and delivery across their four bakeries in Detroit. These artisinal bakeries use sour dough. This month of March 2021 they have Irish Soda Bread on offer. This is what they say about their bread. Plenty of customers love the mushroom toast. Is your mouth watering yet?

Detroit Is The New Black showcases simple yet striking apparel sporting the brand name. The store also carries candles 'made from love', debossed notebooks in black, and an enlightenment body roller. The brand's signature scent is composed of sage, frankincense, and sandalwood. I adore sage, don't you?

Called “The Motor City’s Hottest Designer” by TIME Magazine, Roslyn Karamoko has effectively created a conversation on the past present and future of Detroit, its underlying socioeconomic and racial issues, and the city’s steady revitalization - all through this five word statement.

We could all use some Energy 4 Life Health Food and this store has a great selection of the basics; toothpaste, soaps, lotions and shampoos. A much less common herbal colon cleanse is one of many health foods and products they offer. They are open, and you can phone to book an appoinment for detoxifying treatments.

To learn more about the COVID-19 restriction changes here's a very helpful video from WXYZ-TV Detroit.

While the administration considers the COVID-19 restrictions' impact, on what's best for lives and the economy, we can venture outside of our winter self-isolation and spread our wings a little.

Enjoy your best tasting cup of truly fresh java.

Tuck into some mushroom toast.

And pick up an enlightenment body roller to pick you up.

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