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"In God We Trust...Sometimes." Texas School Rejects Poster Donation Despite Law Requiring Them to Accept

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"In God We Trust."

It seems that is what should be printed on the posters at Carroll ISD in the suburbs of Dallas following the rejection of two donated "In God We Trust" posters, one featuring the phrase in Arabic and one with a rainbow background.

The instance occurred on Monday evening, when a resident of the city attended a school board meeting with the two signs and attempted to donate them in accordance to a new law. Here's the law as described by the Star-Telegram:

"A public school or public university or college “must” display in a “conspicuous place in each building of the school or institution a durable poster or framed copy of the United States national motto, ‘In God We Trust,’” if the poster or framed copy is donated."

Despite the underlying implication that all donations must be accepted and displayed, Carroll ISD's board president rejected them with the reason being that they'd "already accepted donations at the previous meeting". He goes on to say that since there is already one sign displayed in every district school and government building, they won't accept the additional two.

Sravan Krishna, who donated the posters and works with the Southlake Anti-Racism Coalition and the Texas Bipartisan Alliance raised a counterpoint:

“It doesn’t say you have to stop at one, so that is your decision to stop at one. Why is more God not good? And are you saying you don’t have, like, one square feet of space in our buildings?”

The Board didn't respond.

Sravan Krishna

Sravan Krishna

Is there such a thing as too much God?

For a state that hangs their (usually Stetson) hat on the Importance of God and christianity, opting to reject two more symbols of devotion seems rather out of the norm.

Unless it's less about the words and more about who's saying them.

The posters — shown in the images above — clearly align with the LGBTQ+ and the Arabic communities. Two groups of people who have infamously faced intense and unabashed discrimination from members of the church.

With that in mind, it's impossible to ignore the implication that this is motivated by the ever growing goal of conservatives to push the narrative of religious nationalism in our schools.

But perhaps the district really is just...tapped out on God.

The precedent is now set.

Either way, Carroll ISD has backed themselves into a the corner with the decision to reject these donations.

In the event of future donations, there are only two outcomes and both have the potential to prove equally as disastrous.

For instance if they were to reject another — let's say traditional — donation then they risk backlash from the heavily conservative community that occupies the district.

However, if they were to accept that donation then they would wordlessly admit to being exclusionary, prejudiced, and bigoted towards the underrepresented groups highlighted in Krishna's prints.

All in all, it really makes you wonder if perhaps there was a good reason that our Founding Fathers pushed so hard for that whole Separation of Church and State business.

Almost as if they knew that a major reason their ancestors left Britain was to avoid the religious prosecution from those who believed that religious uniformity was necessary for a functioning society.

But alas, who can really say?

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