Party time! Spotify Has a New Karaoke Feature

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Move aside, Apple Music people.

The Spotify app has now officially taken the lead, as there is a new update that includes, drumroll…..karaoke performances!

And this isn’t your usual, yell along in the car to try to drown out the original artist sort of karaoke. This is legit karaoke. The kind where there are lyrics, hardly any assistance from the vocals on the track, and the best part….a score given by Spotify once you finish your song.

The fancy new karaoke can be accessed by selecting the song you wish to listen to and scrolling down the screen to where the lyrics usually are. If you already have the new update, you should now see a ‘sing’ button that opens up a different lyrics screen.

Once the song is complete, the score given will be based on how accurately you nailed the notes and lyrics. Granted it’s given by a robot, so if you’re score is low don’t beat yourself up about it. What do robots know anyway?

Since the feature is brand new, it may not be available to everyone just yet. But a simple update of the Spotify app on whatever app you’re using should bring up the magical offering.

So now is the perfect time to grab yourself one of those fancy portable microphones, take to the road, and impress/annoy all of your friends and family.

And maybe start deciding which karaoke songs you should definitely stay away from in public for the foreseeable future.

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