Opinion: Overturning Roe v. Wade Will Likely Make America Gayer Than Ever

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Newton's Third Law is one that is repeated often and known well:

"Every action has an equal opposite reaction."

Seemingly unbeknownst to SCOTUS, this applies to their most recent ruling in a very big way.

In early 2021, reputable poll company Gallup conducted a sexual orientation survey of 15,000 Americans aged 18 and above. The reasoning behind the survey was to evaluate gender and sexual identities.

The result? Gallup reported that LGBTQ identification is higher than it's ever been, with nearly 6% of the population identifying under the Queer umbrella.

A bigger takeaway though, was that 1 in 6 Gen Z'ers (our latest generation to begin reaching adulthood) reported themselves as members of the LGBTQ community.

Therefore proving that America's youth has been moving more towards both acceptance and embracement of queer identities. A trend unlikely to slow anytime soon telling by the data of previous generations.

2021 Gallup Sexual Orientation PollGallup Polls

So what does this have to do with Roe v. Wade?

Quite a bit actually.

Because of the Americans that identify as LGBTQ+, over half of them currently identify as bisexual. In fact, 4% of American women identify as bisexual.

Which means that 4% of American women could see themselves being happy no matter the gender of the person they end up with.

Except within the past four days. Any search of "bisexual woman abortion" on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites will show droves of posts that make it abundantly clear these women no longer have any interest in sleeping with men. A shift in mindset that is driven by fear of accidental pregnancy that could progress into forced birth without the protection of abortion rights.

A rich irony given that the same political party whose platform is pro-life also tends to be staunchly anti-gay.

The desire to halt and significantly slow sexual relations with men isn't limited to only bisexual women though.

"Abstinence" and "Sex Strike" have both been trending heavily on social media sites since Friday's ruling came down, with thousands of women already pledging to withhold sex until the point when freedom of their own reproductive rights are once again restored.

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