Love At Its Best Is 'Undeniable' and Gabrielle B. Reminds Us of That


With a song that feels like it was plucked from the gates of Heaven, Gabrielle B. finds herself in yet a familiar position… singing a song that finds its way onto not just repeat but one to appeal to the life challenges many encounter. It is undeniable that she makes music for those who appreciate emotion shown in songs but also caters to those who look to artists for anthems for a particular mood… love. Truly a blissful coalescence of jottings met with recounts of years of work to get to the place she sings from now, the overall song is a buildup to being easier on yourself and treating yourself with more care as many of us tend to forget to do that. Produced by Donavelo with a guitar melody that speaks to your soul, ‘Undeniable’ creates an atmosphere of mystique and ataraxy as you press play. Glimpses of vulnerability as the record plays make for an everlasting mood that you won’t yet forget and will find yourself revisiting for times to come.
Gabrielle B.

Touching on the essence of it’s beginning stages Gabrielle doesn’t shy away from what makes a good song very much that a good song. 

“The inspiration behind Undeniable really came from being in a love so pure, so divine, with a feeling so overwhelming that it couldn’t be denied even though my fears did try to. It was in the discovery of surrendering to the moment and letting things unfold naturally, without any guards, that I realized I had birthed something really beautiful in the physical realm with my partner. So much so that I wanted that feeling to carry over into my music. I feel that the same purity can be heard in my voice and in the simplicity of the music that I write.”

With new faces finding their way into the genre of R&B some can forget the true origins of what it’s built upon and how today’s new generation is contributing to it can misguided. However with songs such as ‘Out of Time’ ‘Summertime (Cool Breeze)’ and ‘Trying to Forget’ with Bairi adds a soothing warmth that is welcomed in the R&B realm and solidifies Gabrielle in the hearts of those who cherish the art of music without the frills.

“Love sometimes feels like a forgotten topic but as someone who grew up listening to Anita Baker, Sade, Lauryn Hill, etc., I’ve always made sure to not lose what inspires me to create in the first place which is love. I feel as though I’m undeniable in my own right by staying in my own lane and remaining true to who I am as an artist. You’ll always know a Gabrielle B. track when you hear one.”

Listen to ‘Undeniable’ below.

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